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Berthoud Town Board, Agenda July 13



JULY 13, 2010


7:00 P.M.

1.     Call to Order                           Mayor Tom Patterson

2.     Roll Call

Mayor Tom Patterson
Mayor Pro-Tem David Gregg
Trustee Thomas Jones
Trustee David Skiles 
Trustee John Bauer
Trustee Jeff Hindman
Trustee Dick Shepard

3.     Pledge of Allegiance               Mayor Patterson

4.     Citizen Participation

5.     Reports

All matters listed under Item 6, Consent Agenda, are considered to be routine by the Town Board and will be enacted with a single vote.  There will be no separate discussion of these items.  If discussion is deemed necessary, that item should be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately.

6.     Consent Agenda

6a.     Minutes                                     June 29, 2010
6b.     Bills Allowed                            June 2010
6C.     Liquor License renewals             Pizza Hut & Hays Market

7.     Public hearing-BATS fares                     BATS Dir. Boyd                       15 minutes

8.     Henneberg annexation:                           Planner Katers                         20 minutes

Resolution: Findings of Fact
public hearing re:annexation
Set public hearing: rezoning

9.     Resolution authorizing                            Planner Katers                         10 minutes
contract with GOCO

10.     Intent to participate in                          Administrator Hart                   15 minutes
November general election

11.     Adjourn

NOTE:The order of business may be changed at the discretion of the Mayor.

If you require a special accommodation please contact the Town Clerk 24 hours in advance.