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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Berthoud Wrestling Club Hosts District Tournament

It was a busy Saturday at the Berthoud High School gymnasiums as the Berthoud Wrestling Club hosted the Metro League District 3 Tournament. The 48 boys from Berthoud were joined by the members of eight other area clubs. Needless to say, the gymnasium was a busy place with several hundred matches throughout the day.

The Metro League offers wrestling to kids 4 years to 14 and weight classes starting at 38 pounds. With five age classes and several weight classes in each, there can be as many as 70 brackets for competition. While not all brackets were needed this weekend, there was still a very fast pace. The younger boys don’t take up as much room, so there were four bouts on each of the two mats in the main gymnasium. The older boys used the full regulation mat, wrestling in Berthoud’s new auxiliary gymnasium.

If you have never watched a wrestling match between two kids under 50 pounds, you are in for a treat. They concentrate just as hard as the big boys, but they seem to move faster and show more emotion. It is really quite amazing to see the discipline that these youngsters display during and after a match.

Berthoud Wrestling011 Berthoud Wrestling Club Hosts District Tournament
These Berthoud Wrestlers will compete at the Region 2 meet

This district meet was to qualify for the regional matches in two weeks. Twenty-five boys from the Berthoud Wrestling Club made the cut. Those who did not qualify will wrestle in the JV tournament at Thompson Valley High School this coming weekend.

Berthoud wrestling Berthoud Wrestling Club Hosts District Tournament
The Berthoud Wrestling Club

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