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Friday, December 19, 2014

BHS Improvement Team Meets

Berthoud Recorder Staff

The Berthoud High School Improvement Team (SIT) met on March 11; BHS social studies teacher Carin Barrett presented a report on the Critical Thinking Professional Learning Community (PLC). 

The District has formally adopted the Paul and Elder critical thinking definition and model.  Drs. Richard W. Paul and Linda Elder are renowned leaders of the Center for Critical Thinking, who developed a hierarchy of effective thinking. Elements of critical thinking are being formally articulated and adopted into the curriculum as curriculums come up for review. The Critical Thinking PLC presented a seminar on Socratic thinking to the teaching staff. The presentation was met with enthusiastic response.
Chairperson Sue Radway gave the District Advisory Accountability Committee (DAAC) report. The District is facing a budget shortfall of approximately $2.7 million. One of the options discussed for making up the lack of funds was a reduction in full-time exempt (FTE) employees. BHS FTE reduction goal is four teachers that will be met by retiring staff. Proposed FTE reductions should net $1.3 million back to the District.
School memorial guidelines were discussed. Kelli Funk, a parent, had researched memorial guidelines on the web and the SIT agreed to form a sub-committee to review the research and make a recommendation to the full SIT by the end of the school year. The members of the sub-committee are Kelli Funk, Mary Matthews, Milenda Powers and Sue Radway.
Beth Conrey, volunteer coordinator for the high school, reported that there were 178 volunteers who contributed over 4,300 hours to BHS. Conrey noted that the hours, while substantial and a huge improvement over previous years, still need some improvement. Of particular concern is the lack of hours reported for academic activities such as Knowledge Bowl and Odyssey of the Mind. The SIT team discussed more effective ways to collect hours spent on these activities with the goal of increased accuracy in reporting of these hours set for next year.
The next meeting will be Wednesday, April 8 from 3 to 5 p.m. The meeting is open to Berthoud High parents and students.

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