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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Board of Trustees Meeting – March 23, 2010

The Mayor and all Town Trustees were present. An Executive Session was held prior to the meeting to discuss personnel issues.

Several items were removed from the agenda: Set public hearing for Ludlow conveyance plat ordinance; Public hearing Parkway Plaza Final Development Plan and Final Plat and Continuation of Prairie Star request for Development Code variance (Prairie Star withdrew request for variance).

A Public hearing was held regarding the liquor license and change of location and name for the liquor license for J.B. Clymer’s. The license and name change to Main Street Station Eatery were approved unanimously by the Board who had many positive comments for the owners.

A public hearing was held for an ordinance regarding changes to the Development Code of the Town. Resolution 1004 applies only to subdivisions and gives specific instructions regarding the time allowed for concept, preliminary and final compliance plats.

There will be no election for the Town Board as there were no write in candidates. Thomas Jones, David Stiles and Dick Shepard will be appointed and seated at the April 13 meeting.

Town Planner Tim Katers conducted a public hearing regarding the residential portion of the O’Malley Glen development located south of Highway 56 and west of County Line Road. Larry Bebo and Steve Hanson are the developers. Larry Bebo is the owner of Berthoud’s L&M Garden Center and Brookside Gardens Spa and Event Center. Bebo was also the developer of Mary’s Farm in Berthoud.

O’Malley Glen is a largely residential project with some commercial-retail parcels the property for which totals 120.33 acres in size. The property was annexed into the Town April 10, 2007

The standard lot size for O’Malley Glen is 55 x 100. The standard lot size in Mary’s Farm is 54 x 145. There will be 358 Single-family lots, with a potential of 108 carriage units behind homes; 216 of the single-family homes are on alleys. There is a proposed commercial property development to the north that was not part of the public hearing. The water will be provided by the Town of Berthoud. Over five acres have been dedicated for a school; however, Thompson Valley has said that there is no need for a school. A discussion was led by Trustee Jeff Hindman for the area to be dedicated for civic use if not used for a school to avoid more homes being put in. The issue will be brought back before the Board at a later time for consideration of more housing units vs. civic use.

One of the issues was the dedication of open space. A portion that is included as open space is a retention pond which is the only storm water detention area in the development. Open space that includes retention ponds is normally prohibited. The applicant will have to provide a plan of how the area could be reworked to make the area useful for a park. If the area is undevelopable as a park, it cannot be counted as open space. There is an option for the Town to accept cash in lieu of the required open space dedication.

Planner Katers asked for conditional approval on the preliminary plat. It was granted.

The moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries was extended to June 30, 2010.

An irrigation system for the trees planted last year on Mountain Ave. will be completed by April 15.

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