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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Call for Attorney General Suthers to Explain Bizarre Logo on Website

Suthers’ website depicts American flag upside-down, reflecting either extremism or incompetence. Which is it?

DENVER: Responding to news this week that the campaign website of Colorado Attorney General John Suthers prominently displays an upside-down American flag, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, called on Suthers to explain the meaning of this imagery immediately.

“This has definitely left people scratching their heads this week,” said ProgressNow Colorado Executive Director Bobby Clark. “There are only two possible explanations for Suthers featuring an upside-down American flag on his website: either he is completely oblivious to the image he is projecting, or he actually believes there is a ‘state of emergency’ in America that justifies displaying the American flag this way.”

Earlier this year, Suthers became a hero of the extremist right when he joined a partisan lawsuit against the new federal health care reform law, even though the suit is considered by legal experts to have no realistic chance of success. Suthers’ lawsuit against health care is just the latest in a long line of partisan political crusades he has launched from his office since his appointment in 2005, including briefs filed in support of gay marriage bans in other states, and flawed partisan opinions on Colorado fiscal policy that were rejected by the Colorado Supreme Court. (Denver Post, 4/8/2010)

“It must be frustrating to find one’s self so consistently on the wrong side of the issues,” continued Clark. “While we assume the upside-down American flag on his website simply reflects incompetence on the part of his campaign, given Suthers’ history of wading into the issues of the day on behalf of the far right–more often than not ending in failure and embarrassment–Suthers needs to explain to the people of Colorado what this imagery means to him.”

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