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Saturday, January 21, 2017

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Earthsky Tonight — March 2, 2010: Moon still near

Earthsky Tonight — March 2, 2010: Moon still near Saturn, closer to Spica on March 2

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science www.EarthSky.org Last night, the moon was close to the planet Saturn on the sky’s dome. Tonight, the moon will pair up with Spica, the constellation Virgo’s brightest star. Our chart shows the eastern sky for fairly late tonight, around 10:00 p.m. That is when the waning gibbous moon and the star Spica will be low in the sky, below the planet Saturn. The moon and Spica will travel westward across the sky throughout the night. They’ll be at ... Full Story

Berthoud Meteorite: 5 Years of State’s 5th Fall

By Suzanne Metlay Secure World Foundation A whistling noise and a thump …  and then a discovery that would change their lives, a rock from another world landed in their horse pasture near Berthoud. Megan Clifford and her son Andy found what is now officially recognized as the Berthoud meteorite on Oct. 5, 2004. The Berthoud meteorite is one of only five “falls” discovered in the state of Colorado. A fall is witnessed during and collected after its descent through Earth’s ... Full Story

Is the Sept. 4 Full Moon the ‘Harvest

By Bruce McClure EarthSky Communications Friday, Sept. 4, 2009 All around the world tonight, a great big, round moon rises in the east around sunset, and sets in the west tomorrow around sunrise. More often than not, the September full moon wins the title of Harvest Moon in the northern hemisphere. But not this year. The next equinox comes on Sept. 22. By common practice, the September equinox marks the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere, and the start of spring in the southern ... Full Story

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