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Monday, November 30, 2015

‘Letters to the Editor’ Archives

Dear Editor

For six years as a state representative, Kevin Lundberg advocated common sense energy policies to benefit all of Colorado. His consistent support over the years for safely developing Colorado’s plentiful energy reserves looks prudent today, when so many enemies of America control oil supplies overseas. Now a state senator, Lundberg continues to work toward energy independence and a cleaner environment, trying to reduce red tape that keeps locally made biodiesel out of Colorado filling ... Full Story

On behalf of Citizens First,

To the editor: On behalf of Citizens First, I would like to express my thanks for your support in providing coverage and notifications of our meetings.  Your unbiased professionalism remains an example of journalistic ethics. Judy Lehn Berthoud, Colorado

Things I’ll miss about Tom Vaughan

Things I'll miss about Tom Vaughan: 1. His approachability. Tom always made time for whoever walked through the door in spite of what his schedule allowed. 2. His humble demeanor. Tom had a way of imparting his knowledge and experience in a manner that didn't leave one feeling sorry for having asked. 3. His expertise. Tom's experience in research methodology, archival organization, artifact storage and conservation were exemplary. 4. His accessibility. Tom could be seen at any point along ... Full Story

Berthoud Town Forum

Berthoud Town Forum is open to any individual to comment on all aspects of life in Berthoud. It is strictly an on-line forum. Citizens First is a civic group and speaks as an organization with a platform that is decided by the consensus of its members. Jen Rotar and Dorian Ryan Tacy, Co-founders of Berthoud Town Forum and members of Citizens First.

Museum Director Tom Vaughan says goodbye

Dear Editor, For the past 11 years I have had the privilege of directing operations for the Little Thompson Valley Pioneer Museum. My tenure with the organization ends as of January 2, 2010. I wish to thank the citizens and merchants of Berthoud, the Town of Berthoud, and the members and volunteers of the Berthoud Historical Society for the support they extended to me and our museum during this time. It isn’t possible for me to thank every individual, but I especially need to recognize ... Full Story

Letters: Nov. 5, 2009

Our Street Trees One of Berthoud’s greatest assets is its trees; something you probably don’t think about that often, but our public trees are worth over five million dollars. These are just the trees in our parks, cemetery and the public right of way. The care of these trees has always been a partnership; the town takes care of the park and cemetery trees and homeowners take care of the street trees in front of their homes and in alley ways. Most cities and towns do it this way, so ... Full Story

Letters to the Editor: April 30, 2009

Thanks You, Berthoud Community Although the weather did not cooperate, we had 80 happy kids and many supportive parents and grandparents attend the Berthoud Community Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday April 4. Every child received an Easter Basket, bunny or toy and lots of coupons for free goods from local merchants. The remaining baskets and eggs went to a variety of good causes: Mountain States Children’s Home, developmentally disabled students in the Thompson Valley School District and Miller ... Full Story

Letters to the Editor: April 16, 2009

County Fails to Protect Residents The Larimer County Commissioners' decision to allow Graycor Blasting to continue to operate their industrial business in a residential area is just another in their long line of failures to protect the interests of Larimer County residents. Graycor is a privately owned, international construction services company. It had $672 million in sales in 2007. There is no earthly reason this company should locate its industrial operations in a residential area. When I ... Full Story

Letters to the Editor — April 9, 2009

School District Responsible for Funding STEM Today, I opened the Loveland Reporter-Herald Homeroom section to find yet another article on Robb Sommerfeld — teacher extraordinaire at BHS. This article featured the Deconstruction Project that is taking place in Fort Collins and is sponsored in part by the National Center for Craftsmanship, of which Mr. Sommerfeld is Assistant Director. Two weeks ago, in the March 23rd Homeroom section, there was another article on Robb Sommerfeld and Project ... Full Story

Letters to the Editor

Healthcare Reform by the Numbers Each day we hear the shocking healthcare statistics: 48 million uninsured nationwide, 800,000 in Colorado 50 percent of bankruptcies caused by medical bills Severe shortages of primary care physicians due to debts incurred in medical school 73 percent cost increase of premiums between 2001-2006 30 percent of each private insurance healthcare dollar goes to administration and profits Then there are the heartbreaking stories on a more personal level: seniors ... Full Story

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