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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Citizens Protest Gardner’s stand


Protesters gather outside Rep. Cory Gardner's office in Fort Collins, Friday July 29, 2011. Photo by Alan Franklin, ProgressNow Colorado.

Press Release

FORT COLLINS: As Republicans in Washington continue to war among themselves over how radically they want to slash America’s social safety nets, Northern Coloradans gathered in Fort Collins today to demand that Republican freshman Rep. Cory Gardner stop playing games with the nation’s financial future.

“This is truly an unprecedented situation,” said Mark Evans of Eyes on Congress. “Republicans are willing to sacrifice the health of our economy and our communities to make a cheap political point. While Cory Gardner plays his high stakes games, the American economy is held hostage. Meanwhile thousands of Gardner’s constituents are worried about their Social Security checks, and whether the bonds they hold for retirement will have value when they mature.”

“Colorado’s working families are looking for leaders who don’t walk away from tough discussions but instead work together to create solutions,” said Kjersten Forseth of ProgressNow Colorado. “Not only do Republicans have an agenda to privatize Social Security and Medicare opposed by most Americans, they are fighting among themselves over just how radically and irresponsibly they intend to proceed with this agenda. Rep. Gardner already cast his vote for the disastrous ‘Ryan Plan’ budget that would privatize Medicare and slash virtually every public institution America’s middle class depends on.”

Yesterday, Rep. Gardner announced his support for the Boehner debt ceiling bill which would force Congress to cut $1.8 trillion from Medicare and Social Security. The Boehner plan would ravage the safety net for the poor and senior citizens.

“Instead of playing political games with the country’s future, Republicans need to join President Obama in working for solutions to create good jobs and rebuild the economy,” said Evans. “Instead they are endangering the middle class, the social safety nets that millions depend on, and the promise of future prosperity for our children. Enough is enough.”

Friday’s rally was organized by Colorado progressive grassroots groups including Colorado Eyes on Congress, Protect Your Care, and ProgressNow Colorado.


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