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Classical Christmas Concert

By Thomas N.

Violinist Nathaniel Ver Steeg

The First Presbyterian Church of Berthoud was filled with the sweet sounds of the violin on Saturday afternoon. Nathaniel Ver Steeg, a sophomore at Berthoud High School, treated listeners to Bach’s partita No. 2 in D minor and Bruch’s Concerto No.1 in G minor. The piece by Bach was calm and sweet; the notes seemed to warm the small church. The second piece was accompanied by the piano played by Anna Arzumanyan. Unlike the first piece, the Bruch composition was filled with allegro, meaning fast notes and impressive scales, the style changed back and forth from a somber tone to an energetic and happy one.

Ver Steeg did an excellent job playing a difficult composition. He has played the violin since he was three years old and shows great virtuosity. The concert was wonderfully entertaining and anyone who enjoys classical music should attend one of Ver Steeg’s concerts. The town of Berthoud should be proud to have such an accomplished musician call Berthoud home

Photo By Thomas N.