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Coffman & Tipton bash Obama over Keystone

Colorado Congressmen Coffman and Tipton (and Republican Presidential candidates) were quick to speak out when President Obama nixed the Keystone XL Pipeline. They continue to repeat the shopworn false claims about the pipeline.

First and foremost, the oil was not destined to give the United States another source of oil. The tar sand bitumen was to be refined and exported, hence the reason it needed to be sent to refineries on the Gulf Coast where shipping is available. It would actually take oil away from refineries at Wood Lake, Illinois. The only “benefit” would be to the multi-national corporations that own the refineries in the Gulf Coast.

The building of the pipeline would offer a few thousand, not tens of thousands, jobs for the two years it would take to build the pipeline. A large percentage of those jobs would go to Canadians. It would cost jobs on farms and ranches along its path and require the  taking of property rights from the owners of those properties. We should oppose the taking of private property under almost all situations, that after all would be a conservative position. Apparently the rules change when it benefits big campaign donors.

The pipeline is an ecological disaster waiting to happen. It is a matter of when, not if, there will be a major leak in a pristine environment and possible distraction of the aquifer. Water is more important for life than oil.

In short, there is no benefit of this project to the United States or its citizens. Even much of the tar sands has apparently been sold to Chinese interests so the benefit will accrue to them and the refiners. For a full treatment please read “What do you know about the Keystone Pipeline [1], published last week on the Recorder. Then Read “Who Owns Our Oil Sands? [2]by the Albert Federation of Labour. For a before and after picture of the land, read “National Geographic Slams Tar Sands – Canadian Politicians Pissed [3]” in Treehugger. 

The Following if from an article in Mother Jones: Read the whole article here: What’s All the Fuss About the Keystone XL Pipeline? [4]

What’s wrong with building a giant pipeline across the US? That existing Keystone line has already leaked a dozen times in just one year of operation. The Keystone XL would cross more than 70 rivers and streams, including the Missouri, Platte, Yellowstone, and Arkansas. The oil spill from another pipeline in the Yellowstone River last month didn’t do much to allay those concerns. It would also cross the Ogallala Aquifer, which provides nearly one-third of the groundwater used to irrigate US crops, supports $20 billion in agriculture, and supplies drinking water to about 2 million people. A recent report from a researcher at the University of Nebraska estimated that there would be 91 significant spills from the pipeline in the next 50 years. A worst-case-scenario spill in Nebraska’s sand hills above the Ogallala Aquifer could dump as much as 180,000 barrels, tainting the vast water supply in the region.

Here are the comments from Coffman and Tipton. They should know better, but they have to parrot the party line even if the accusations they make are untrue. Representative Gardner came in later as did the Sierra Club. I have included them all and will add more as they come.


Coffman Statement on White House Decision to Block Keystone XL Jobs

(WASHINGTON) –  U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) released the following statement today regarding an decision by President Obama to deny permitting for the Keystone XL pipeline project, which is expected to bring tens of thousands of jobs to the United States.

“This decision is not based on the jobs and the energy that our country so desperately needs, but solely on a political calculation that he can’t afford to offend his radical environmental base for his re-election.”


Tipton: Stand Up for American Jobs, Build the Keystone Pipeline

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Stressing the importance of creating new jobs to drive economic recovery, today, Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) urged the President to “quit playing politics” and join in support of the Keystone XL pipeline as reports broke that the White House rejected the proposal.

“We have an opportunity to create thousands of new jobs in this country. The Keystone pipeline will help provide energy certainty for this country in a responsible way while creating American jobs on American soil,” said Tipton. “Today we hear the President is throwing his hands up and turning his back on the American people. The people deserve better.”

Environmental Impact Statements, studies and assessments have concluded that the Keystone pipeline would not cause harm to the health and safety of the land, air, water or people with which it may come in contact with. The company building the pipeline has even offered to address one of the biggest environmental concerns by rerouting the pipeline around the Ogallala aquifer in the Nebraska Sandhills, voluntarily incurring millions in additional costs.

Tipton said, “There is no real reason to oppose this project.  We have a rare opportunity to create thousands of jobs immediately, let’s take it.”

Additionally, the President’s Jobs Council this week recommended in their “Road Map to Renewal” an “all-in approach” for energy development and encouraged investment in infrastructure to create new American jobs.

“Job creation remains my top priority, and I ask the President to listen to the recommendations of his own Jobs Council and join me in supporting this common sense project, rather than deliberately obstructing American economic recovery,” Tipton added. “This is our time, this is our opportunity, and I call upon the President to quit playing politics and join us in putting Americans first.”

Read Tipton’s recent op-ed: Keystone Pipeline offers ‘shovel-ready’ jobs, advances energy security. [5]

Editor’s Note: Roads and bridges also offer shovel-ready jobs and offer a lot more value to the nation. 

A late addition as Representative Cory Gardner adds his voice to cacophony.


Gardner: Obama rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline a missed opportunity

WASHINGTON D.C. – Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) expressed extreme disappointment in the Obama Administration’s rejection of an oil pipeline project that could put thousands of Americans to work and bring significant oil supplies to refiners in the United States.

“President Obama missed an opportunity today to secure our energy future with North American energy and create American jobs,” Gardner said. “This is a shovel ready project that is all set to be built. We could get started on it today. Instead, the President chose to be politically self-serving and sacrificed the creation of 20,000 American jobs. It is time for the President to stop putting special interests before America’s interests.”

Gardner also spoke on the House floor this morning in support of the Keystone XL Pipeline.


Mr. Speaker, according to the Canadian government over 143,000 jobs in Colorado depend on our trade relationship with Canada. Further, crude petroleum is our top import, and Colorado is not unique, many of the jobs and energy around the country come as a result of — as a result of our relationship with Canada. It’s been three years since the application was filed which would create a pipeline that extends from the oil sands in Alberta to the gulf coast bringing significant oil supplies into the United States. The United States as a whole both economically and from a national security standpoint will benefit immensely from the approval of this pipeline. In my mind, it’s a very simple question. Why import oil from countries that seek to do us harm when we can get it from our neighbor to the north? I’m continuously awed at how much energy potential we have in North America, and how simple it would be to advance policies that would make us more energy independent. Isn’t that what we are trying to accomplish? Apparently there is an asterisk when it comes to jobs for this administration. Not these jobs, perhaps some others. This administration has done everything it can to stand in the way of a project that can help 100,000 Americans get back to work…. Mr. President don’t put a cork in our economy; let’s get this pipeline built.

Editor’s Notes: Mr. Gardner is mixing apple and oranges again, apparently in order to throw out a large number (143,000) to make it sound as if that is the number of jobs in jeopardy. It is doubtful that not building the pipeline will  endanger any present trade with Canada. Such an argument is called a “Straw man, a made up argument that covers up the real issue. Gardner’s entire speech is such a straw man. Again he talks about the United States getting oil, when none of the output is intended for the US, just as the Alaskan Oil Pipeline is a terminus for shipping refined petroleum products to Asia, not for us in the United States.

I am reasonably certain that if President Obama had approved the pipeline, these three partisans would still have had “negative” press releases about the decision.

The Sierra Club is pleased and also speaks to the false claims of “Big Oil” and the conservatives who support them. Or is it the other way around.


The Sierra Club 

Huge news!

The Obama administration announced that it would deny a federal permit for the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline, which would run 1,700 miles across six US states bringing toxic, highly corrosive tar sands crude from Alberta, Canada, to refineries and ports in Texas.

The president stood up to Big Oil, backed by the voices of hundreds of thousands of activists who have built the movement to stop this dirty, dangerous oil project.

Our victory is a victory for the boreal forest, for the Sand Hills and the Ogallala aquifer and for the protection of our climate.

Big Oil companies have launched an all-out assault on the president for not doing their bidding on Keystone XL. We will undoubtedly see a barrage of misinformation on Keystone XL from Big Oil in the form of flashy ads attacking the president.

Thank the president for rejecting Keystone XL and tell him that we aren’t fooled by Big Oil.

Big Oil says the pipeline would ease our pain at the pump? Nope. This is a fight about oil company profits. The pipeline will actually raise gas prices in the Midwest by 10 to 20 cents a gallon, hurting American families and American farmers and putting a damper on our fragile economy.1

Oil companies say the pipeline wouldn’t spill? Not buying it. The last pipeline that was built like this spilled over 12 times in the first year of production.

The oil lobby touts the economic boom and national security benefits from the project. The truth is the job numbers have been inflated and the tar sands oil is destined for export to Europe and Latin America from refineries in a Texas free trade zone — i.e. no taxes collected. 

Now is the time to speak truth to power, to support the president’s decision and push back against Big Oil’s lies about Keystone XL. Thank President Obama for rejecting Keystone XL.