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Contest about Why Voting Matters


Larimer County Youth First to Participate in Contest about Why Voting Matters

In celebration of February Youth Voter Month, the League of Women Voters of Larimer County hosted a contest for high school students high school students in Poudre and Thompson Valley School Districts to offer thoughts about why they look forward to voting. Many students received Perkins cherry pies for their entries. Larimer County was the first place in the nation where LWV offered this contest for youth. Nancy Crow, Spokesperson for LWV Larimer County said that the League congratulates all students as they come of age to enter our American Democracy.

A few excerpts:

I will have a hand in our country’s fate. I will have more than a thank you for the soldiers. I will have not only a voice but a vote — the privilege to participate in elections that rely on my responsibility and yours — Sierra Lear, Fossil Ridge High

Voting is what determines a democracy for it represents freedom in its simplest form Clara Levy, Berthoud High

Taking the initiative to go to the polling place and voting for a candidate that you believe has the best reasons to run this country, is one of the best things you can do for yourself — Lauren Adams, Poudre High

We are all equal when we go into that booth and make our marks saying what we want in life — Vivonna Fauver, Poudre High

One thing my parents taught me is not to take for granted the opportunities provided by America, and suffrage is an opportunity for self-expression that is completely priceless — Lily Filopowska, Fossil Ridge High

Voting is not just picking something like what you should wear for school or out to the movies. It is way bigger; being part of choosing who is our president for four years is a big responsibilityForestt McMahill, Poudre High

We are each a small force like a newton and in that respect we are all equal. We can all apply our one newton onto the object that is the path of our nation — Victor Bader, Fossil Ridge High

I’m looking forward to voting: honoring the men and women of our military who have fought and died to protect our right to vote — Leigh Ann Kleber, Berthoud High

The word “voting” in my opinion represents the United States of America — Sheridyn Randolph, Poudre High

Here are some of the many current issues that these teenagers mentioned in their submissions:  Poverty • Taxes • Abortion • Funding of Arts & Music in Education • Honoring Military Service • Gay Marriage • Health Care • Mandatory Education • Gun Control • Women’s Equality • My Future • Changing History • To Be Heard.

LWV of Larimer County offers www.VOTE411.org [2] as a helpful, nonpartisan resource for all US voters to see if they are registered and to preview the ballot of the upcoming election. Local voter information is found at www.LWV-LarimerCounty.org.