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Sunday, January 25, 2015

County Briefs: Restaurant and Grocery Store License Fees to Rise July 1

Licensing fees for restaurants and other retail food establishments will rise as of July 1 according to the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment. 

All food license fees are established in law by the state legislature. These fees help support Larimer County’s food protection programs, including inspections of restaurants and other retail food establishments, investigation of food-borne illnesses, follow-up on consumer complaints, and plan reviews for new or remodeled facilities.

According to Dr. Adrienne LeBailly, director of the Larimer County Health Department, the increase is necessary to help maintain an adequate food safety program to protect the public.

“The current fees cover only 30 percent of our food safety program for commercial food establishments,” LeBailly said, “70 percent of the costs are being paid for by county taxpayers. The new fees will bring the retail food industry’s share closer to covering 50 percent of the costs of services they receive in the coming year.”

The cost of a license ranges from $155 to $690. Licensing fees for restaurants are based on the establishment’s seating capacity (indoors and outdoors).

Seating capacity between 0-100: the fee is $255.
Seating capacity between 101-200: the fee is $285.
Seating capacity 201 seats and over: the fee is $310.

Licensing fees for grocery stores or markets are based on the establishment’s square footage and whether the establishment includes a deli.

For grocery stores or markets with a deli, the fees range from $207 to $690.
For grocery stores or markets without a deli, the fees range from $115 to $500.

Licenses must be renewed in January of each year, and are valid through December 31 of the licensing year.  They are not transferable from one operator to another or from one location to another.  

For more information on licensing fees or on Larimer County’s retail food program, call (970) 498-6755 or visit www.Larimer.org/health/ehs/food.asp. For restaurant inspection reports, visit  www.Larimer.org/health/food/index.asp.

Mathias, Pond Appointed to Boards
Ken Mathias and Duane Pond of Berthoud have been named to the Larimer County Weed Control District Advisory Board, the County announced Monday.

Larimer County’s Boards and Commissions Web site, www.Larimer.org/boards features an online application, video information, membership, and a synopsis of each Board. For more information contact Diane Tokarz, Commissioners’ Office, (970) 498-7015, DTokarz@Larimer.org.  To receive an automatic email notification whenever a Board opening is posted, you can sign up at www.Larimer.org/subscriptions.cfm.

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