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Friday, November 27, 2015

Deputies receive commendations for work with young burglary victim



October 19, 2011


Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith today awarded a Sheriff’s Commendation to Deputy Ted Wilson and Deputy Justin Atwood for “bringing credit to themselves, their squads and the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office ” for the compassion they demonstrated to a six-year-old burglary victim earlier this year.

Every once in a while a case comes along that touches the hearts of Larimer County Sheriff’s deputies.  One such case involved  a shy but personable six-year-old young man with an infectious smile.  The home that the young man shares with his mother in the Timber Ridge trailer park was burglarized.  A pair of iPod headphones, five cartons of chocolate milk and the little boy’s piggy bank with approximately $20 in change were stolen.

The little boy had been saving his pennies to buy a new bike.  He was sad and confused about the theft, asking his mother why someone would take his piggy bank.  He just could not understand why someone would do that to him.  Due to current circumstances, his mom was not able to replace the money immediately.

Deputies said that during their investigation the little boy was diligently doing his reading and spelling homework.  His mom told deputies that he was a great kid, shy but smart and who keeps his room immaculate.

After gathering evidence and completing the initial investigation, Deputies Ted Wilson and Justin Atwood were unwilling to walk away and forget about the little boy.  Deputy Wilson decided that maybe the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office family might want to help him.  He got a couple of piggy banks and put them in the patrol and administrative areas of the Sheriff’s office and sent out an email informing the staff of what had happened and asking for contributions to replace the stolen money.

Earlier this year, Deputies Wilson and Atwood presented the little boy with two new piggy banks with $213.50 inside to replace his stolen bank and help him toward his goal of getting a new bike.  Needless to say, the little boy was extremely happy and his mom was surprised and touched that the deputies would help her son.  We are happy to report that the little boy now has his bicycle.

Deputy Ted Wilson said, “The people, sworn and civilian, at the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office care about what happens to the citizens we serve.  We know as the little boy matures he will remember this event in his life and will do the same thing for someone else.”

The suspects in the burglary have not yet been identified.  The family of the little boy has asked not to be identified.


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