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Monday, December 22, 2014

Disappointed in Cory Gardener

Letter to the editor 1 Disappointed in Cory Gardener



Dear Editor,


I’ve been particularly disappointed in our Representative Cory Gardner. I can remember when Cory was running for office, he used to complain about how our congresswoman never did any town halls. Since Cory’s swearing in,  he’s had even fewer.

I got a letter from Rep. Garden last week touting that his vote for the Republican budget plan was going to protect Medicare for people 55 years old and older, but what about the people under 55 years old? I deeply care what’s going to happen to my daughters and other hardworking younger men and women in America. He had some pretty interesting wordsmithing in his letter and I’d like him to honestly answer a few straight questions about it in a town hall.

After numerous phone calls to his offices, I found out that Cory’s not doing any town hall meetings but instead is doing a lot of fundraisers for his political party. I’d like to see a representative that can look the people they represent right in the eye and say what they really believe. Not just a hollow mailing that raises more questions than it answers.

Carla Massaro
Loveland, CO 80538

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