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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Escalating police brutality


There are some new developments in the Occupy news. While the police brutality has been ongoing, the pepper-spraying of students at UC Davis has dramatically increased the anti-police sentiment in this country. Apparently I have not been alone in the premise that we are becoming a police state.

Even Forbes Magazine has had enough. Let us start this journey with the article “Police Response to Wall Street is Absurd.” 

Don’t miss the sidebar story “Police Militarization in the Decade Following 9/11.

The picture accompanying this article was apparently the first to use the figure of UC Davis policeman against another background, this time spraying the Declaration of Independence.

In the following article, “UC Davis police defend use of pepper spray on Occupy protesters,” the Chief of UC Davis police claims that the police used the spray only when they were surrounded and needed to get out. Anyone who has seen the video knows that she is lying. She and the officers should lose their jobs for their lies and attempt to cover up what they did. Perhaps even for stupidity, for with the number of videos available of the interaction, it is nearly impossible to fabricate a story in the face of the evidence.

Meanwhile, “Hundreds of UC Davis students protest pepper-spraying by police”  and two officers and the chief have been placed on administrative leave.

University Chancellor, Linda Katehi, issued a statement even as students are calling for her resignation.

Perhaps the most chilling scene from the videos of the confrontation between students and police at UC Davis took place when the students did surround the police. The police were not getting out pepper spray, they were starting to raise their assault rifles to a ready position. Do you suppose those police were ready to fire on the unarmed students? In the video those brave police officers in their riot gear and armor with raised assault rifles, looked afraid of a group of unarmed young people who were chanting “Shame on you.”

That brings me to the next topic. The Occupy Wall Street web site has a new story on taking “Action in Solidarity with Egypt.” The Egyptian army is now cracking down on demonstrators in Egypt and are defending their actions by citing the police brutality in Germany and the United States as a precident. The state television proclaims, “We saw the firm stance the US took against OWS people.” So far the Egyptian military has arrested and wounded hundreds of civilians and murdered 30 protestors. This is the example we are setting for the world. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before the police here kill a protester and claim that they were just doing their job.

Do you remember Kent State. I doubt if any of the police I’ve seen in the videos were even born when members of the National Guard killed four students at Kent State. It was a national moment of crisis. We are approaching another.

The Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill “Stein calls for investigation of Federal Role in Brutal Occupy Wall Street Crackdowns.” Stein too cites the militarization of the police since 9/11 and the force being turned against the American people. You can read her remarks here.

Perhaps our Colorado Congressional delegation would be willing to look in the role the federal government is playing.

This is a sad day for our country. I spent 30 years in the military. This is not the America I was fighting for.

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