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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Farmers Union Supports House Vote on Clean Energy and Security

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU) Tuesday sent a letter of support to members of the congressional delegation from Colorado and New Mexico who voted to pass the amended Clean Energy and Security bill last week.

“This was a tough vote,” RMFU President and Mead farmer Kent Peppler said. “When the bill came out of committee, Farmers Union opposed it because it was so unfair to the family farmers and ranchers who have taken their stewardship of the land and water seriously for generations.”

“We are actively fighting for renewable energy,” Peppler said. “We support sustainable agriculture through conservation efforts, and we are doing what we can to balance America’s food needs against degradation of the environment. The amended bill takes agriculture’s positive role into account.”

RMFU supported the amended bill, which contained a handful of changes that recognized agriculture’s role in the mitigation of climate change. Peppler said, “We wanted the bill to recognize the efforts of ‘early adopters’ who are part of our carbon credits program. We have a science-based program of carbon sequestration in place, and we asked that the agricultural and forestry programs of the Clean Energy Act be administered by the USDA to continue those good efforts.”

“Agriculture has changed a lot since the Depression. Using renewable energy will reduce our production costs, and clean energy gives us new crops to harvest wind, sun, and biofuels for new profits,” Peppler said.

Peppler singled out Betsy Markey (Dist 4, Colo.), Martin Heinrich (Dist.1, N.M.), and Ben Luján (Dist. 3, N.M.) for special praise. “With the alarmism and misinformation circulating in our rural communities, even after the bill was modified, it took real character to vote Yes.”

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