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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Foundation on aging helps seniors

The Foundation on Aging for Larimer County has announced an increase in 2011 funding for its emergency assistance program.  According to Bonnie Shetler, President of the Foundation on Aging Board, this decision was in response to an increase in requests for funds on behalf of individuals in need. “The purpose of this program,” said Shetler, “is to support low income seniors with immediate, one-time assistance with unanticipated expenses for such basic needs as medicine, housing, utilities, and transportation.” She added that “A person’s dignity is often at stake, and yet a seemingly small gift can give dignity a big boost”

In 2010 the Foundation on Aging gave out $4000 to local nonprofit agencies for this purpose and dispensed an additional $5100 directly to providers for individuals in need of assistance. Many requests were denied due to funding limitations. In anticipation of this increased need, the Foundation on Aging board has made a commitment to raise funding to $25,000 in 2011. While some money to support this effort will come from savings in other program areas, the balance will be raised through community support.  Individual emergency grants have ranged from $30.00 for keeping phone service connected, to $250 for help with the cost of emergency dental work.  One recipient wrote, “Thank you for your generosity in paying my dental bill.  It was one huge boost for me and I will be forever grateful to you.  Thank you again.”

In many cases, Foundation on Aging can work with a vendor to reduce the cost of a service or with one or more agencies to collectively fund a need.

Applicants for funding are generally referred by community agency staff who have exhausted all other possible resources. For more information contact Kristy Wygmans, Projects coordinator, (970) 310-4900, or visit us online at

Founded in 1986, the Foundation on Aging is administered by an all volunteer board of directors committed to responding to the needs of low income seniors in Larimer County and to promoting community awareness that allows all residents to age with dignity.

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