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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Freemont inmate has questions





Please help me understand. I have a few questions.

  • Why can I send my loved one books from a national vendor, but not food or gifts from a nationally recognized vendor for Thanksgiving and Christmas?
  • How can probation to MRD be provided at your facility, especially since the time spent on this in-house “parole” doesn’t count as time served once the inmate is released?  Is that really probation?
  • Why is Fremont keeping inmates who have been assessed at lower security levels because they need “therapy/treatment” which, for all practical purposes, will not be provided for at least three years, even though lack of participation in the “therapy/treatment” may cause them not to get parole or move to a lesser restrictive environment?  In fact, didn’t DOC recently lose a case brought by an inmate because he had waited over two years to get the second part of his “therapy”?
  • Are there any statistics that prove the therapy in Fremont works?  If so, please share them with me as I haven’t seen any stats. that reflect that.
  • Why are cell searchs being conducted with one staff member as opposed to two?
  • Do your “therapists” dress as hookers for theraputic reasons?  There isn’t a man at Fremont that doesn’t wonder.
  • Is there a reason that your case managers insult and degrade family members to the inmates?  Is there theraputic value in that?
  • MOST IMPORTANT:  Why are we providing “therapy” to inmates and even put them on waiting lists that last for years when most of them will be required to take “therapy” when they are released?

I appreciate your concern and support for the safety and well-being of our loved ones.  Thank you for your time and attention to these questions.  I will look forward to hearing from you.



“Emily” sent this to several members of the Colorado Department of Corrections.

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