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Monday, December 22, 2014

Giving Gifts to the Good and the Naughty

By Michael Hicks
Berthoud Recorder

Santa Claus, I’m not, but with this being the holidays and the season of giving, it’s time to hand out some presents to those on the good list. Oh, and there are a few that made the naughty list, too.

But, first, for all those that have been good.

To head football coach Dan McGinn, my gift to you is a quarterback to replace soon-to-be-graduating Jordan Major. Maybe, just maybe, that person is already on the team in the name of Zach Rubesam.

And, while we’re at it, to Jordan Major, a college football team worthy of your skills.

To volleyball standout Kelley Arnold, a successful first season next fall as a member of the University of Northern Colorado squad.

To Scott Pickert, another state wrestling championship, or two, to go with the title that Nick Ludwig brought home last year.

To Derek Gwin and Emma Otto, a state cross country championship and a couple of teammates — like the entire team — to join them in the festivities.

To Jeff Benjamin’s boys’ soccer team, the continued success his squad enjoyed this year — its’ first in 3A.

To the Berthoud boys’ basketball team, more wins than the three it’s already experienced this season. They’re more than deserving after getting just one win in 2007-08.

To the girls’ basketball team, another state tournament appearance.

To the Berthoud boys’ golf and softball teams, a better season than the one that just passed.

To Denver Broncos fans, a little faith that your team will fare well in the AFC playoffs, though, a little consistency – and a steady running game – would be nice.

To the Colorado Rockies, a player who will replace the offense the team lost by trading Matt Holliday to the Oakland Athletics.

To fans of the Colorado Avalanche, memories of yesteryear because that would appear to be as close as the team will get to a Stanley Cup this season.

To the Denver Nuggets and their fans, some faith in George Karl. Hasn’t he been around long enough to believe in? OK, maybe not.

To the Colorado Buffaloes, a bowl bid like their state counterparts Air Force and Colorado State are enjoying this year.

To the Colorado Eagles, another run at a CHL title. Considering the way they’re playing, they don’t need my gift. They’re plenty gifted enough.

Now for those who weren’t so good in 2008.

To Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall, a year of staying out of trouble. That means no more McDonald’s bags, no more fights with girlfriends and no more “wrestling around” with your brother. He appears to be on the right track now. Let’s hope it stays that way.

To Colorado Rockies management, a clue in how to run a professional organization that puts a winner on the field year in and year out. It’s got to be better for revenue than the ways things are currently done.

To the Colorado High School Activities Association, a better way to classify each school in their respective sports so that teams aren’t playing 3A in one sport, 4A in another, 2A in yet another and so forth. There has to be a better way.

And finally, on a good note, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our readers.


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