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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Greeley firefighters hold fire to garage



Firefighters from the Greeley Fire Department were called to 238 49th Avenue Place in Greeley shortly after 8:00 a.m. this morning. Initial arriving units reported smoke coming from a single family home. Upon further investigation, crews found the home owner had pulled a garden hose into the front door of the house and then into the attached garage to attempt to extinguished a motorcycle that was burning inside the garage. Crews had the homeowner leave to an area of safety and then very quickly pulled a firefighting hose into the garage, extinguishing the fire and holding the fire to the garage.

Simultaneously, other responding crews checked the rest of the house for any occupants who being exposed to the smoke that had spread throughout the home. Once they ensured the fire was completely extinguished, the homes concealed spaces (walls, attic) were checked for any hidden fire. The home was ventilated and air monitored until all harmful smoke and gases were removed. The fire has been determined to be accidental by investigators. The occupant was attempting to start a motorcycle using aerosol starting fluid. The Greeley Fire Department reminds citizens that starting fluids are often a mixture of volatile hydrocarbons which can be highly flammable and should only be used with extreme caution following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Damage is estimated @ $5,500 and no injuries were reported.

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