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GunFail: The week before Christmas

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Accidentally shot by an ‘otherwise responsible gun owner.’ GunFAIL XLIX [2]

By David Waldman

Five of the 38 guns discovered by TSA agents at airports across the country last week.

Five of the 38 guns discovered by TSA agents at airports across the country last week.

Another typical week. Unless you’re one of the people who got shot, of course. Statistics-wise, this compilation records five cops as accidentally discharging their weapons, three neat freaks discharging guns they couldn’t wait to clean, three generous patriots who shared Freedom Ingots with their neighbors (plus two more who kept it in-house, so to speak), two hunters who became the hunted, and two target shooters who became the targets.

Stories of note this week include two out of Florida, which of course is not at all unusual. One is the story from which our title is derived. In Vero Beach, where a health club owner was accidentally shot by someone showing off his .40-cal Glock to someone interested in buying a gun of his own. He accidentally fired, and put a bullet through the wall, into the owner’s office, and… into the owner. How’d you like to be shot at your own fitness center? The big question, though, is what did the guy interested in buying a gun think? Well, because it’s Florida, I give even odds that he said, “Awesome! I can’t wait to get one of those!” But the kicker, of course, is that the club owner won’t be pressing charges, since the gun owner was a friend, and “an otherwise responsible gun owner.”

Our second Floridian tale comes from Royal Palm Beach, where an 18-year-old kid who apparently thinks his state’s “Make My Day” law is hilarious, decided to try to prank his uncle by jiggling the patio door handle to draw his uncle outside to investigate, and then jump out from a hiding spot to scare him. Well, here we are in GunFAIL, so guess what happened?

Also worth noting: an accidental shooting while an employee was cleaning a gun, during the grand opening of the new, “upscale” Frisco Gun Club in Frisco, TX, and; Philadelphia’s second accidental shooting in their SEPTA transit system in the space of a month.

I found six kids accidentally shot last week. Two three-year-olds, a five-year-old, a nine-year-old, a teen of unknown age, and one 17-year-old.

In the guns in school category, we missed one in the last roundup, on December 11th, in Breckenridge Hills, MO. And during the last week, even more turned up, in St. Joseph, MO, Longmont, CO, Florissant, MO, Indianapolis, IN, Round Rock, TX, Oak Ridge, TN, Dorchester, MA, and Chicago, IL.

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