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Friday, December 19, 2014

Hablutzel Dedicated to School, Community

Berthoud Recorder Volunteer of the Month

By Laurie Hindman
Berthoud Recorder

Many parents are active in the schools when their children are attending. Few parents are still volunteering 14 years after their youngest child graduates from high school. Arlene Hablutzel has been on the Berthoud High School SIT (School Improvement Team, also known as SAAC) for 21 years, although her last child graduated in 1995.
Hablutzel and her husband, Burt, have lived in Berthoud since 1975. They raised three sons, all of whom graduated from BHS. While her sons were in elementary and middle school Hablutzel volunteered as many moms do — helping in the classrooms, going on field trips and working at fundraisers. “I really appreciated the teachers my sons had. When I volunteered, I felt I had a connection,” Hablutzel said.
When her first son reached the high school, she joined the newly formed SIT committee — the first of its kind in the district. “So many times parents are active when their children are in elementary and middle schools, but think their kids don’t need them as much when they are in high school. That is so wrong. Parents need to be even more involved when they reach high school.” She said that being involved on the SIT committee showed her sons she really cared about their education.
When asked why Hablutzel continued to volunteer at BHS long after her youngest son had graduated, Hablutzel had a ready answer. “Our high school is an important part of the community. I would like to see more community members on the SIT so they would know what really goes on in the school system. You have a different perspective when you are involved.”
BHS Principal Len Sherman said Hablutzel has been an invaluable member of the SIT. “Arlene is a very reflective person. She can be quiet, but when she speaks it is a good idea to listen to her. She has a way of getting to the essence of an issue.”
“I can’t begin to imagine how many hours she has put in at BHS. I appreciate all she has done these many years,” stated Sherman. “She is a wonderful person and a great asset to the committee.”
Hablutzel said that she, like Sherman, is retiring this spring; the May SIT meeting will be her last. “It’s time for some new blood to take over.”

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C Arlene Hablutzel, volunte Hablutzel Dedicated to School, Community

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<p><span style=”font-size: small;”><span style=”font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Arlene Hablutzel has been an active member of the BHS School Improvement Team for more than 21 years, although her youngest child graduated in 1995. May is her last SIT meeting as she is retiring from the committee.</span></span></p>

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Arlene Hablutzel is the Berthoud Recorder Volunteer of the Month. Read more.
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