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Impeach the President Over the Recent U.S. Deaths in Middle-East! [1]

By Martin Lewis

This is a monstrous scandal. The biggest since Watergate. Brave Americans murdered this fall in the Middle-East and our so-called president has no answers about why it happened!

Of course the fact that it happened as the president was obviously focused on running for a second term couldn’t have had anything to do with it!

And the White House has admitted that the news of the deadly attack also caused the president to break off from his golfing schedule. Boo-hoo!

It’s a disgusting cover-up and we need to find out exactly how and why it happened!

• What did the president know and when did he know it?

• What was the Secretary of State doing?

• How come there wasn’t proper security at an American compound in such a hotbed of Middle-Eastern terrorism?

• How come multiple warnings about the vulnerability of the facility were ignored? Especially after the attacks in that same area earlier this year.

• How come a CIA warning just three days before the attack was ignored?

• What role, if any, was played by the head of the CIA — a man with plenty of war-time experience that should have helped the U.S. avoid this catastrophe?

The president has offered up platitudes: ”There are no words to properly express our outrage and, I think, the outrage of all Americans at the despicable act.'” Yeah big deal…

And the best that the vice president has said was that the U.S. “would not be cowed by terrorists.”

None of that explains why security was so lax.

None of that explains why the president didn’t act to prevent this.

And why he hasn’t explained it all and sacked everyone whose negligence led to such a tragedy.

We need Watergate-style hearings immediately! And then this president should be impeached!

Yes… the murder of 241 U.S. Marines in their Beirut compound this October is a massive disaster. And we demand that President Reagan be held accountable and impeached!