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Monday, December 22, 2014

Is Berthoud 'The Garden Spot?'

Choosing Town Slogan a Challenge for Main Street GroupBy Sandy Barnes
Berthoud Recorder

“The Garden Spot: Where Good Things Grow” made the final cut at the end of a lengthy discussion on possible slogans for the Town at the Thursday, Feb. 26 Main Street directors’ meeting.

Becky Justice-Hemmann, chairman of the Berthoud Economic Resource Team, and Town Clerk Mary Cowdin both said they thought it would be best to retain the traditional “garden spot” description to promote the Town. The “Garden Spot of Colorado” slogan is featured on the Town’s Web site and on the new directional sign on Hwy. 287.

Main Street Director Scott Banzhaf said that economic resource team who visited Berthoud recently didn’t feel that the “garden spot” slogan was appropriate for the Town. Main Street Director Tom Vaughan also said he didn’t think that the “garden spot” image worked for Berthoud, even though it dated back more than 100 years in the Town’s history.

“We want it to be all-inclusive,” said Banzhaf while talking about a marketing phrase for the Town. “Our goal is that if we were to walk into a business, those words are what they say.”

Other slogan suggestions eliminated during the selection process were “Earth to the Stars,” “Almost There” and “Come Home to Berthoud.”

During the meeting, the directors also discussed the home tour and quilt show planned for the Town on June 20. Library Director Sara Wright volunteered to serve as chairman for the quilt show, and also as promotions committee chairman for the Main Street Program.

Wright presented ideas for a kid’s choice art fair and a cookie quest event as other possible ways to bring people to Berthoud and its businesses.

Vaughan also discussed an upcoming walking tour of Berthoud called “The History Beneath Our Feet,” which would feature artifacts found underground during the Mountain Avenue reconstruction project

“It’s really an interesting collection,” Vaughan said. The artifacts include a wide array of items ranging from old coins to sewing implements, spoons, keys and ammunition to door knobs, horse shoes and harness buckles.

The plan is for the artifacts to be displayed in cases at various downtown locations, said Vaughan.

The Main Street group also discussed ways to fill two vacancies on the Board of Directors. Banzhaf suggested inviting people to meetings so that they could become acquainted with the organization before making a commitment to serve on the board.

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