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Larimer County’s Small Grants for Community Partnering Awards Announced for 2010

[1] Press Release

The Larimer County Department of Natural Resources is pleased to announce the Open Lands Programs’ 2010 Small Grants for Community Partnering awards. This year, 13 awards, totally $20,000, were made for community projects throughout the county:

Larimer County Grants

Larimer County’s Small Grants for Community Partnering is an initiative of the Larimer County Open Lands Program with the intent of dispersing a portion of the Help Preserve Open Spaces sales tax dollars throughout the county for community projects. Since 1998, 101 community projects have received approximately $133,000 in funding. Annual funding available is $20,000 for individual awards up to $2,000 per project.

In an effort to connect more people with the land, and to reach new communities, in 2009, the Open Lands Advisory Board approved expansion of the small grants program to include three new grant categories:  “agriculture,” “increased access to open spaces,” and “research on open spaces.” The original category – “protection or enhancement of open space, trails, natural areas, wildlife habitat, river areas, and wetlands on private or public lands” – was maintained.

Awards will be formally presented by the Board of County Commissioners at the April 22 meeting of the Open Lands Advisory Board. To find out more about Small Grants for Community Partnering, http://www.larimer.org/openlands/smallgrants.htm

To learn more about Larimer County’s parks and open spaces, go to www.larimer.org/naturalresources [3]