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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Letters for Donnelly


Tom Donnelly has done exactly what he said he would do:

Tom Donnelly has guided the Larimer County government through several years of declining revenues and increasing expenses. His thoughtfulness and success have earned him another term. Tom Donnelly should be re-elected.

Because of the way Colorado property tax system works, there will be no appreciable increase in county property tax revenues until budget year 2016 at the earliest, and any increase then will depend on the promising trends we see in our real estate markets continuing.

Tom Donnelly understands the fiscal reality of today and that this reality will continue for the foreseeable future. He knows that making government smaller is far more difficult than making government bigger or even than maintaining the government’s status quo. Not every elected official understands that, as we know. Tom Donnelly is one who does.

Vote for Tom Donnelly and you can be confidant that you voted for a county commissioner who knows what he’s doing, who did what he said he would do when he ran four years ago, and who will take care of the county’s business honestly and capably in the next for four years.

Vote for Tom Donnelly and know you made your best choice when you cast your ballot.

Best regards,

Steve Miller
Fort Collins, Colo


Dear Editor,

My husband and I have been owners of a small business in Larimer County for more than a decade. We have felt the impacts of a slow economy over the past several years and very thankful we are still in business.

I support Tom Donnelly as County Commissioner. I served as a “member at large” on the Larimer County Open Lands Advisory Board with Tom for the past 3 years. Tom listens and cares. He understands the day to day issues Larimer County citizens and businesses are faced with as we work hard to support our families and our community. I appreciate that Tom doesn’t forget the basics and how important it is to balance budgets and cut costs wherever it make sense.

In order for my husband and I to keep our doors open it is vital that we spend less than we make therefore operating within a budget, managing costs and running things efficiently. Tom understands these principals and is committed to Priority-Based Budgeting, growing our economy, common sense regulations, or deregulating in some cases, will ensure an efficient and effective running County government.


Patricia Brennan
Masonville, Colo.


Having personal family experience with land surveyors led me to follow Tom Donnelly’s career through the years from land surveyor, Larimer County’s elected County Surveyor, and from his first being elected to serve as Larimer County Commissioner in 2008 to present. Through his career I have come to know Tom as a man I can trust with confidence to continue to protect taxpayers and property owners with his common sense regulations that protect our quality of life by conserving our tax dollars by using the economic growth to help pave the way.

The County Commissioners, including Tom, working as a team, have reduced taxes, ending the sales tax that constructed the County courthouse early, putting money back into the taxpayer’s pockets. I trust Tom Donnelly to continue to put people ahead of government, working to use our tax dollars as those whom he serves do by wisely budgeting our money and living within our means. I encourage you to vote for Tom Donnelley so that we may continue to have an effective and responsive representation.

Dr. Donna Walter
Fort Collins, Colo.


Tom Donnelly will get my support in this race for Larimer County Commissioner district 3. As a County Commissioner, Tom has been very open and accessible to listening to concerns of business owners and its employees. I have experienced and seen Tom working hard to represent the interests of all county residents is with his work on the Metropolitan Planning Organization and with the counties recent change in priority budgeting within the county.

Transportation challenges have been facing Northern Colorado for the last 20 years.  Tom is supportive of polices and projects that will enhance public safety on our roads and increase capacity on them. Tom recognizes that our current infrastructure is not adequate for the demands being placed on it and will work to represent our interests within the MPO.

Commissioner Donnelly has worked hard with all county departments to maintain the high levels of service that we all expect from our county with declining revenues during the economic downturn we have experienced. He values all county departments and the employees of the county and is an advocate for them. By not seeking an increase in tax funding he has been responsible to all of county residents by keeping the cost of county government low and the service level high.

Join me in voting to keep Tom Donnelly representing all citizens of Larimer County

Carl R. Maxey
Fort Collins, Colo.


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