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Friday, January 30, 2015

Letters: June 18

Pasta the Magic Cure
Young homeowners are juggling a mortgage, higher gasoline bills, rising utility costs, increased food expenses, outlandish auto insurance policies/car maintenance, skyrocketing family dental care, all done on the back of a paycheck that has stayed stagnant for the last three years or more.

Forget scraping up the funds to pay for medical care for yourself or your family, that’s if you like the warm fuzzy feeling you get from having a roof over your head in the summer, winter, spring and fall. The money is not there to do both! When an illness strikes at these vulnerable families, pasta fundraising dinners are held as a meager attempt to stem the tsunami of medical bills soon to follow them all the way to their graves.

Hardworking men and women can’t afford prime cuts of meat; in fact, most can’t afford meat for their families’ diet at all anymore. Pasta now becomes the staple food source for most working poor in this town. Spend a dollar for a fresh red pepper; hardly, because you can buy a whole pound of spaghetti that will fill 4 bellies much better.

Sure folks know that they should not smoke, or drink, or eat Twinkies. Unfortunately, this is the way many people choose to deal with the huge stress load of coping with today’s corporate profit driven madness. Profit that will fill the pockets of those on Wall Street to Main Street to sustain their life of the almighty important “ME” with McMansions, fresh organic foods, private jets, and designer clothing.
Until we put into practice what we publicly claim to follow religiously every Sunday — do unto others as we would have them do unto us — and address the extreme inequality of medical care in our society, then we will sadly continue to pasta our problems to the detriment of everyone. A public healthcare option must be put on America’s table now.

— Carla Massaro, Loveland

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