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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 11, 2008

Chamber Supports Package AI hope everyone has been keeping up with the plans from the Colorado Department of Transportation now under public consideration and comment.
This could mean great things for the Berthoud area.

Two transportation packages have been put before us. Larimer County residents would benefit from an extra $400 million in improvements to northern Interstate 25.

Package “A” is definitely the most advantageous because it includes commuter rail that would run from Fort Collins through Loveland and Berthoud to connect with FasTracks in Longmont and on to Denver and Boulder. There would also be bus service between the commuter rail and commuter bus lines connecting over to I-25. Package “A” is the best option because, in addition to commuter rail, it includes an additional general-purpose lane along I-25. Imagine how Berthoud would benefit! Folks could easily hop on commuter rail to take advantage of our local restaurants, community events and increase awareness of everything Berthoud has to offer.

Package B includes an additional lane on the interstate, but it would be used for bus rapid transit as well as a toll lane.

Our tax dollars have been used for many projects that have benefited other areas in the state. Now, it’s our turn! If you support better planned economic development and land use, if you support transit-oriented development in the city centers rather than sprawl, if this means commuter rail would encourage urban growth, and the additional general purpose lanes would also serve growth along I-25 and decrease the traffic on county roads, then … send your comments to CDOT at

Comments must be turned in to the Colorado Department of Transportation by Dec. 30. Officials hope to choose a preferred alternative in January.

Thank you all for helping move such an important issue forward.


Don Dana

Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce


Rail Lines a Vital Link for Towns

Passenger rail (Option A) is an already existing BNSF rail line and easily utilizes access for our established townships west of Interstate 25 from Fort Collins on south – especially Loveland, Longmont and Lafayette. Each old town center has an historic rail station that serviced our needs from conception to the time when rail traffic was no longer subsidized. All depots have parking lots adjacent to them not being used. Our old town centers are vital to our townships’ identities with galleries and cultural attractions. A Fort Collins college student could catch a Broncos train to Denver instead of a bus, or a day trip for downtown Denver to Union Station for a Rockies game, without driving. This impact is mutually beneficial to sports fans and commuters on a daily basis.

I enjoy visiting my daughter in Denver and would love to catch a train to Union Station for her to pick me up to shop and lunch. The depot is within walking distance of my residence in Berthoud. A seniors’ rail pass price would be great incentive to retired folks to visit the big city along with a student ID pricing for kids.

The “main street fund” may have a way to help with revitalizing this depot idea as its main purpose is to boost old town main street areas. Parking garages as new ventures independently.

I have utilized rail commuter lines from suburbs of Chicago for fun and Seattle from Portland to go to an art festival with the whole family sight seeing. It is so worry free compared to I-25 driving, especially after dark or at rush hour. The train goes right to your stop – no missed exits, no traffic jams, and so much cleaner air than RTD bus rides that I have taken.

Please stay away from the I-25 idea. The BNSF line is responsible for our townships existence and is a much better way to easily access rail traffic. Much less driving for our population centers on the west side of I-25 and ensures the rail usage.

Susan Lizak Berthoud



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