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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Libyan Situation Report: September 21


September 21, 2011 

Prepared by: Libya Outreach Group 


From September 20: The whereabouts of Maummer Gaddafi still unknown; fighting continues in Sebha, Sirte and Bani Walid Libya (; even though most of Sebha captured by pro-Democracy forces Tuesday they still face pockets of resistance (; NATO continues to support pro-Democracy forces with air strikes in Sirte, Weddan and Bani Walid (; pro-Democracy forces outside Sirte re-assure the people of Sirte that this conflict is about Muammer Gaddafi and Libya, not the residents in an effort to minimize destruction (; evidence Gaddafi troops in Sirte using sheepskins and rugs to camouflage tanks (; NATO extends Libya mission for three months ( ; civilians still fleeing the city when they can, humanitarian crisis worsens in Sirte (; NTC’s Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril expects to name new government within 10 days despite the council’s inability to agree on members and the number of ministries to be established (; Wafik Shater of the Libyan stabilisation team confirms around 28 billion Libyan Dinars found at Central Bank of Libya (; G8 countries re-confirm commitment to North African and Arab countries trying to transition to democratic states by pledging $80 billion to help sustain peace and development (, (; U.S. ambassador to Libya, Ambassador General Cretz returns to Tripoli to reopen U.S. embassy in Libya (; Fighting at Libya/Sudan/Chad border, members of Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) of Sudan caught bringing fuel, weapons and ammunition looted from Libya into Sudan (; this as EU envoy say it will be a long time before Libya will be able to secure it’s borders (; Filipino maids of the Gaddafi family finally evacuated from Libya (

Immediate Medical Requirements 

On the ground source: The hospital in Tarhuna, Libya in dire need supplies, source describes situation as urgent, they have submitted a list of supplies needed: Laryngioscope, D.C. Shoke, mouth gag, Ambu-bag, monitor machine, ECG machine, blood pressure machine, ultra sound, 

underwater seal, x-ray filming, water distillation machine, suction machine, incubator (pediatric), ventilator machine, bags for blood donations; 

On the ground source: Many wounded in Sirte, Libya also taken to hospital in Misrata for treatment, the hospital in Misrata not equipped for amount of patients and is suffering extreme shortages, source describes situation as very dire; 150 patients sent to Amman, Jordan, on the ground contacts finding hospitals to take patients arriving on three different planes, supplies needed by Misrata hospital include: portable MRI and/or Portable CT scan, Mechanical ventilation for ICU ( 2 ), Anaesthetic machine ( 1 ) – modern; Calibration gas and Cassettes for machine blood gas analysis type OPTICCATS. Or, could use a second blood gas machine; Drugs: all anesthetic drugs, Fenanyl , Morphine, Dormicum ( Midazolam ) anti-tetanus, anti-venom for scorpion bites 

On the ground source: Yefren Hospital is also low on essential medical supplies; source describes situation as dire; 4 – Battery for Taema Ventilator, sealed rechargeable battery, NEFT15 ICU, RC 4500 A42 AA, 42*HR 18/67 Sanyo Brand, 25.2 V/2 * 4500 MAH, Charge 900 mA* 16 H 4 – Battery For Taema Extend, Rechargeable Battery, YUASA, NP 4 5•]12, Valve Regulated, Lead•]ACID Type ; 5 – Taema Ventilators ; 6 - suction machines ; 9 - cardic monitors ; 4- BP cuff for Monitor Scholar III Adult ; 4 - BP cuff for Monitor Scholar III PEDIA ; 2 - Oxygen concentrator ; 5 - Sphygmomanometer ; 2 - ABG machine ; 7 - electronic beds ; 1 - refrigerator ; 4 – Oxygen regulator ; 6 - emergency lamps ; 4 - ultraviolet lamp ; 4 - headlight optical fiber ; 10 - soda lime for CO2 absorption ; 2 - fixed light flashes for OT ; 2 - mobile light flashes ; 5 - trolley beds ; 1 - mobile x-ray ; 6 - air conditioner split unit 24 ; 4 - air conditioner split unit 18 ; 1 - Electrosurgical Bipolar for big scale and 1 small for eye operations (both TEKNO brand) ; 2 - knife electode reusable (TEKNO brand) 6 - medical storage cabinets with sliding door & window 


Born in the wake of the 17 February Revolution, the Libya Outreach Group is dedicated to raising awareness, facilitating outreach, and mobilizing humanitarian, stabilization and transition support for Libya

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