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Libyan Situation Report: September 22

Posted By Editor On September 23, 2011 @ 7:25 am In Libya | Comments Disabled

Libya – September 22, 2011

Executive Summary


African Union recognizes the National Transitional Council (NTC)Article

African Union (AU) recognition of the NTC, though lagging far behind the 85 + countries that have recognized the NTC, is symbolic. It can transform Libya’s relationship with the AU. Assuming the commitment by the AU is genuine. A new form of engagement that sides with the Libyan people is the only way forward. Unfortunately, Gaddafi continues to garner support from many Africa people. Niger as a gateway for Gaddafi family and regime can instigate a dangerous reaction in Libya.  What will happen if Gaddafi is caught in an AU country?  What will happen to the governments that were once propped by Gaddafi?  What will happen to the mercenaries, and African migrants in Libya? What about the Libyan assets and investments? Many issues will need to be uncovered and carefully negotiated both multilaterally and bilaterally with the AU and its respective countries. The relationship between the NTC and the AU will be a murky and distrustful one. Clear goals around critical issue areas, such as the AU’s relationship with the UN Special Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) would be a positive step forward.

Libya’s stabilization team transitions key sectors to NTC Ministries after meeting targets ahead of time

Transition of critical sectors to NTC Ministries signifies a stabilization milestone. This is an indication that there is faith that the Ministries are secure and capable. This also signifies an end to the transition, whereby the sector is now deemed stable, and ready for reconstruction and development. Dr.Aref Nayed, Ambassador to Dubai, who led the stabilization operations thanked the Libyan people for working hard to ensure electricity, water, and fuel were now working in Libya.  These key sectors are important areas that offer security and keep the people patient, but not placate. There are many other areas, such as governance, women’s rights, transition, justice, civil society, and the humanitarian sectors, that will fuel disharmony and dissent if not addressed early enough. There are many areas that still require a stabilization process, as they were previously nonexistent.  These sectors take longer, are more complex, and will take a long time to measure transition to stabilization. A new transition period has begun whereby the UN, the EU and the World Bank will conduct international assessments of the most urgent needs in the areas identified by the NTC, including humanitarian needs, urgent repairs to transport, education, infrastructure and de-mining.

Additional News

From September 21- 22 (am) 2011:

  • The whereabouts of Maummer Gaddafi still unknown;
  • Fighting continues for the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid, Libya
  • A document found in Tripoli by Human Rights Watch may confirm arms were sent to Libya from South Africa in 2009 although company did not register the sale Article
  • Islamic groups in Libya accuse NTC of keeping them in the background of the political scene
  • Human Rights Watch says National Transitional Council (NTC) should place an immediate moratorium on the exhumation of mass graves until forensic experts are available to support the exhumations
  • Czech Republic joins the group, Friends of Libya; this group is made up of countries that want to contribute to Libya’s postwar reconstruction and its transition to democracy.
  • The United Nations World Food Program says it was able to get food into the southern part of Libya for the first time since the conflict began
  • Abdul-Rahman Ben Yezza, former employee of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) and Eni, has been nominated by NTC’s interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril as new Minister of Oil in Libya, the nomination is still being discussed
  • Abdullah al-Badri, secretary general of OPEC, says OPEC’s Gulf members will cut their oil production once Libya’s oil sector recovers and starts production
  • HSBC Holing PLC plans to resume operations in Libya soon
  • Turkish Airlines announces resumption of flights to Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport
  • The organisation, Volunteer Libya is looking for nurses and doctors to help in Libya; Nurses 3+ years of experience, Trauma Doctors 5+ years of experience, General Doctors and Child Psychologists
  • The Free Generation Movement Arabic/English database of Missing Persons WebSiteDatabase
  • Libya’s stabilization team transitions  key sectors to NTC Ministries after meeting targets ahead of time

About The Libya Outreach Group:

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