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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lundberg Moves to Senate

By Jamie Folsom
Berthoud Recorder

Laura Lundberg has been an integral part of her father’s campaigns for much of her life. On Saturday, as Kevin Lundberg came before State Senate District 15 Republicans, Laura spoke on his behalf and was there to celebrate his 86-42 victory for Steve Johnson’s vacated seat.

During the 2008 election cycle, being Internet savvy was a selling point to younger voters of all parties, and Laura was quick to point out her father’s use of such online social networking sites as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. If Kevin Lundberg’s opponent, Loveland businessman Mike Lynch was hoping to be the “fresh face” of the regional Republican Party, but Laura clearly stole his thunder.

But Lynch was not without his passionate supporters, among them Steve Johnson, all three Larimer County Commissioners, District 51 State Rep. Don Marostica and Fort Collins Republican Brian Ivers, who introduced Lynch. Although he did not get the office, Ivers believes this is just a first effort in a potentially long political career for Lynch.

“He’s an excellent candidate, and we’re lucky to have him,” Ivers said. “He and Kevin get along, and he doesn’t want to be divisive at all,” adding that Lynch may seek to fill the State’s 49th House District seat open as of Lundberg’s formal resignation effective Thursday, Jan. 15.

Mike Lynch’s brother, Tom also expressed a positive outlook on Lynch’s future career. “He had a great deal of encouragement from the people of the 15 District, and we should look at that,” he said, noting they would think through the possibilities this week. The 49th House District Committee will meet Saturday, Jan. 17 in Fort Collins to choose who will fill that seat for the two-year term.

So far, two have stepped forward to vie for Lundberg’s seat – retired lending broker Ray Walter of Windsor and public relations consultant B.J. Nikkel from the greater Berthoud area near Carter Lake. Other candidates may nominate themselves when the House District 49 committee meets Saturday.

With his selection, Lundberg will serve out the remaining two years of the District 15 seat.


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<p>Kevin Lundberg of Berthoud (right) acknowledges the hard work of Mike Lynch of Loveland in his unsuccessful bid for the State Senate District 15 seat.</p>

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<p>Laura Lundberg carries on the family tradition of political involvement. She was father Kevin Lundberg’s campaign manager in 2008.</p>

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