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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lundberg Report — Nov. 6, 2008

By Rep. Kevin Lundberg

To look at the national and statewide races, it appears that the people have taken a hard left turn. That will certainly be the case when the U.S. Congress and the Colorado Legislature convene. However, a closer look at what the people have said through Tuesday’s vote reveals a very different picture.

Here in Colorado, almost all of the statewide tax increases were rejected and most other major policy changes also went down. I see an electorate that, to borrow a phrase from one campaign, is saying “enough is enough.” They don’t want more government, they want less. They are weary of more government programs and reject the amendments that are obvious attempts to increase their tax burdens.

When it comes to candidate campaigns, the choices were not always that clear. A weary electorate was, far too often, willing to try anyone who promised them what the latest poll said they wanted. Many ended up supporting an obvious liberal whose record is taxing and spending (Obama and Udall come to mind), and then that very same voter said no to amendments that would directly raise their taxes.

The people have not intentionally turned to the left, they just haven’t seen many candidates clearly show the straight road ahead.

We who are Republican leaders should not veer to the left to try to get ahead of the crowd. We should lead straight forward. A lower tax burden and less government is clearly what most voted for in the amendments.

Republican leaders should forthrightly stand for those very same issues.



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