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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lundberg Report:

I have declared my intention to seek the nomination for the 15th senate seat being vacated by Sen. Johnson, following his successful election to the Larimer County Commission. The actual vacancy committee meeting will not be held for several more weeks, but I am already contacting the committee members (about 160 people), seeking their individual support. I am having good success, but I still have much to do.

Some have asked me why I am seeking this appointment right after being re-elected to the House. The reality of term limits dictate that if I have any intentions of serving in the senate (the position I first ran for in 1998), I must seek the office when it becomes open. I am also confident that I can serve the people who elected me to the House even more effectively in the Senate. The Districts are almost identical, the only differences are that the House seat includes the Weld County portion of Windsor and the senate seat includes all of the Loveland area.

I was just appointed to be the chairman of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC). This is a caucus within the Republican ranks of the Colorado House and Senate whose goal is to promote the core Republican principles of good government. You can learn more about the RSCC at I consider this appointment a great honor and responsibility which I will use to continue to promote the principles that have guided my entire legislative experience.
As chairman of the RSCC I prepared the following press release which we sent out today, concerning President-elect Obama’s first policy speech on global warming:

Obama’s Global Warming Policies Are Not Based on Scientific Evidence Where are the Facts?

The Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC) challenges President-elect Obama to provide any evidence that the opinions he cited in his first major policy statement on global warming are based in reality.

RSCC chairman, Rep. Kevin Lundberg, said “It sounded more like something a Hollywood speech writer would put together for a movie script, rather than a serious policy statement for a president-elect.”

On Tuesday, Nov. 18, President-elect Obama laid out his policy intentions concerning global warming in a speech to a global climate summit, convened by the governors of California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas and Wisconsin.

His speech was politically correct, but the facts were simply not there. Just about every “proof” he cited was, at best, an outdated myth. Where are sea levels rising which are shrinking coastlines? Where is there any scientific evidence that hurricane storms are either larger, more frequent, or related to any long term global warming patterns? A careful analysis of the details reveals that each of these examples are without merit and that there is a significant and growing debate about whether or not anthropogenic global warming has had much effect at all. There are also serious doubts that radically restricting and restructuring industrial activity can meaningfully alter any long term weather patterns.

The RSCC has conducted several hearings on global warming and our nation’s energy resources. They have looked at the facts and will not be deceived by such shallow rhetoric.

An example of the serious doubts many scientists have can be found in Christopher Monckton of Brenchley’s article published by the American Physical Society. The facts reported are that globally-averaged land and sea surface absolute temperatures have not risen since 1998, and may have even fallen since 2001 (

The only fact that is indisputable is the severe stress that cap-and-trade tax schemes, unrealistic renewable energy mandates, and Kyoto-like treaties will have on our faltering economy. We cannot afford to squander our children’s future on outdated notions from global warming alarmists.

We expect more from our nation’s next leader and call on him to correct these errors.


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