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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mrs. Berthoud Thoughts for '09

By Ashlyn Bishop

At the end of each year, it can be hard to resist the pull to set resolutions for the year to come. We reassess our priorities; finally take a look at the goals we made, yet ignored, or dream of the tiny, tangible steps we can take to become better or healthier people. I know it’s true because I am guilty of this process and this year is no different, except maybe I’ll accomplish them!

In 2009, I have the wonderful privilege of representing Berthoud in the Mrs. Colorado competition; an opportunity I do not take lightly. One of my goals for this year centers on just that, enjoying every moment of this experience, representing Berthoud to the best of my abilities.

Although I have only lived in Berthoud for a little less than a year now, I knew it was special my first day in Town. After being a city girl for many years, moving here was a true breath of fresh air – especially after witnessing the character of our Town. Berthoud is home to some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. I’ve seen flyers posted to assist people with high medical bills and then heard about the funds raised in response. When construction was taking place downtown, the Chamber of Commerce rallied to support the businesses affected. During this particular tough holiday season, the Town supported Christmas in Berthoud to aid our friends in need. Our Town is truly a community.

My hope for Berthoud, and myself, this year is that we embrace our community, making it even better. As the finishing touches are being placed downtown, let us enjoy spending time there instead of complaining about the process it took to get there. We need to continue to reach out to our neighbors in need as our economy continues its struggle. Spend time this year making family memories by seeing a movie in the park this summer or fishing at a local pond. Remember to meet someone new because our community becomes richer when we invite others in.

I am genuinely grateful that you invited my husband and me to be a part of Berthoud!  This is truly the type of community I am proud to represent this May at the Mrs. Colorado Competition.


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