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Monday, November 30, 2015

NRA lies about school guards

Thousands of people in the United States die from gunshots every year. They are all tragedies, but some more than others. The ready availability of guns, the increasing ease of concealed carry and laws that shield people from prosecution when they shoot someone, all contribute to this national shame. Perhaps it is just my opinion that the killing of 26 innocent people at an elementary school is shameful, the NRA does not seem agree with me. When people carry or have access to guns, they are more likely to use them to settle some imagined or real grievance or to take their own life. Politifact lists as true, the statement that more Americans have been killed with guns since 1968 than were killed in all the wars in our history. It is a combination of attitude and the ready availability of firearms. Both issues need to be addressed.

The President has responded with some moderate suggestions. The NRA, however, wants no limitation and in a recent advertisement, they condemn the president as an elitist because his children’s school has armed guards and yet he doesn’t want that for the rest of us. This advertisement is so misdirected that even Governor Chris Christie berated the NRA for its substance. His point is that using the president’s children is reprehensible, especially since they really could be in danger and need the protection. Then we find out that the assertions made in the ad are untrue. NRA fails to get their facts straight before spending the gun industry’s money on an attack ad based on false information. Another poorly done ad based on lies, sounds like a political campaign.

The following article demonstrate the difference in approach taken by the president and the NRA and the falsehoods perpetrated by the National Rifle Association, who probably should be called a name that shows their real purpose, something like National Gun Manufactures Association.



BREAKING: Obama Starts Having The Grownup Conversation About Guns That The NRA Doesn’t Want To Have


From the Los Angeles Times

Chris Christie rips NRA’s anti-Obama ad; Rand Paul rips Christie


NRA’s Ad On Armed Guards At Obama’s Children’s School Based Off Error In Article

Washington Post “The Fact Checker”

4 Pinocchios for a slashing NRA ad on security at Sidwell Friends School 


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