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Thursday, November 26, 2015

OpEd News: January 4, 2012

From killing blackbirds to imprisoning U.S. Citizens, you will find fact and opinion not available in the main stream media. Tune in everyday to see the OpEd News original articles and selection of provocative articles from other publications.

Newt the Destroyer

 Daily Headlines


By Mark Sashine
Y2012- The Year Of A Coward

Obama is afraid of the people of the US. It is inconceivable that he was once a community organizer. He is so afraid of the people that this fear fills the void around him.


By Naomi Wolf
The streets of 2012

Not only are laws criminalizing previously legal dissent, organizing, and reporting being replicated in advanced democracies; so are violent tactics against protesters, backed by the increasing push in countries with long traditions of civil policing to militarize law enforcement.


By Cyril Mychalejko
Rumsfeld-Era Propaganda Program Whitewashed by Pentagon
A controversial public relations program run by former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld’s Pentagon was cleared of any wrong-doing by the agency’s inspector general in a report published in November. At the same time, the report quoted participating analysts who believed that bullet points provided by Rumsfeld’s staff advanced a “political agenda,” that the program’s intent “was to move everyone’s mouth on TV as a sock puppet.”


By Peter Michaelson
The Three Amigos of the Apocalypse

The three amigos represent negative states of mind. These unpleasant emotions range in intensity–they can rage inside us or just simmer away quietly. We keep them in check when we monitor their presence.


By Marsha Coleman-Adebayo
We all have a Rosa Parks moment — what counts is how we respond

At some point we all have someone in authority tell us to do something that goes against our conscience — but how many of us have the courage of that young woman to say: “No, I won’t.”


By Brennan Browne
To Uncle Sam Social Activism Equals Terrorism

The U.S. Government has taken the “terrorist” label to frightening and absurd levels.


By Michael Collins
Why are Democrats Attacking Ron Paul?

Ron Paul took 44% of the independents in Iowa. He led among low income voters and had 39% support from those who said they were “moderate to liberal.” Is this a wake up call for Democrats? If an alarm goes of are they capable of hearing it?


By Stephen Lendman
Money Power Runs America
Wall Street does it by controlling money, credit and debt, as well as manipulating markets for private enrichment. House and Senate millionaires do it their way for greater wealth, privilege, power and status.


By Richard (RJ) Eskow
For a Sane Economy in 2012, How About a Little Shame?

Shame isn’t always a wasted or negative emotion. On the contrary, it can perform an important and socially useful function. Shame enforces our moral values even when legal and political institutions are too broken or corrupt to do so. Our society must learn to develop a “moral economics,” and morality is often enforced through shame.


By paul craig roberts
Tyranny in the Forecast — The Outlook for the New Year

If the American police state were merely an unintended consequence of a real war against terror, it could be dismantled when the war was over. However, the evidence is that the police state is an intended consequence. The PATRIOT Act is a voluminous, clever attack on the Constitution. It is not possible that it could have been written in the short time between 9/11 and its introduction in Congress. It was waiting on the shelf.


By Richard Schiffman
The World’s Deadliest Profession: Coal Miners Pay in Blood for China’s Economic Miracle

The dangers of mining coal in China.


By Suzana Megles
The Need for Humane Education
I believe that a Philadelphia group has a great idea for addressing animal cruelty. The group-Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia, believes that targeting fifth graders in every school will be a start of life-long humane actions. I believe this has merit, and hopefully over time, all fifth graders will be subjected to these same teachings if the idea catches on.


By Burl Hall
Finding Our Balance Point

This article questions the basic assumption that human beings make: That we are the most intelligent creature in the world. Given our ecological behavior where we appear to be eating ourselves out of house and home, one must seriously question if we are indeed the sharpest tool in the shed. Indeed, it may be that we are operating like an out of control feeding frenzy seen by some species of bees. So, how do we wake up?


By Martha Rosenberg
Who Would Intentionally Kill Blackbirds?

Who intentionally set off fireworks under a blackbird roost in Beebe, Arkansas on New Year’s Eve killing at least 200 birds? In some warped homage to last New Year’s when at least 5,000 blackbirds perished?


By David Glenn Cox
Fleecing the Poor

This is Capitalism; this is the glorious system which exploits all human frailty and all human need. It is the system which forces Ethiopian children to pack palm seedlings six days a week for starvation wages and forces the elderly to pour out their life savings on insurance policies


By Andrew Steele
Obama’s words are hollow. Time for Liberals and Conservatives to Unite and Fight the NDAA.

While the media talks about protesters occupying pieces of land, the real story is that the United States government is occupied by cowards and tyrants overseeing the decimation of a once strong republic. No stroke of a pen can stop the will of the American people when they choose to rise, and the time do so is now.


By Charlene Smith
Obama says: ‘Consider the alternative’ – but is there one?
The Republican’s unimpressive presidential hopefuls are pretty awful, but Obama’s track record has left many former supporters angry. Perhaps the most significant thing about the 2012 presidential election will be who bothers to vote; there is such disillusion and anger with politicians on both sides of the field.


By Clifford Johnson
The American Crisis: To Free a Lender-Owned Nation (Part II)
Part 2 of 4 articles.


By Roger Shuler
The Family Behind Orkin Pest Control Has Connections to Massive Accounting Fraud

The next time you have Orkin Pest Control come to you home or office, you might want to think about this.


By Dave Lefcourt
Our House is in Disorder, Why the Flag Should be Flown Upside Down in Distress

For those who cling to the fantasy that we remain a Republic rather than an empire, too much evidence points to the contrary. Our “house” is in disorder. That flag of ours should be flown upside down in distress.


By John Sanchez Jr.
A Triumph of Democracy
The first unrepresentative effort has elapsed. Is it a charade?


By Gareth Porter
Obama Seeks to Distance U.S. from Israeli Attack

Netanyahu is exploiting the extraordinary influence his right-wing Likud Party exercises over the Republican Party and the U.S. Congress on matters related to Israel in order to maximize the likelihood that the United States would participate in an attack on Iran.

 Latest Articles


What if Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) really works?

Is low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) real or is it a hoax? If it is real, then it will change the world far more than the personal computer and Internet revolutions. Hold on to your hats!


Radiation Checker: the gift that keeps on giving
Hand held Geiger Counters for the layperson has become essential since the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in March, 2011. Radiation is odorless and invisible, yet lethal in large doses. Soon after Fukushima the Japanese created a sleek-lined Geiger counter that plugs into your iPhone and instantly reveals radiation levels,empowering knowledge, especially if you live near aging plants like Indian Point, just 24 miles from NYC


Haiti: Seven Places Where the Earthquake Money Did and Did Not Go
Haiti was supposed to receive billions in earthquake aid. But most of that never went directly to Haiti. Here are seven places where it did and did not go.


The Postal Service lies to the people of the Bronx
The United States Postal Service is planning to close thousands of post offices and hundreds of mail processing centers all over the nation. As part of this process public hearings are held. The author attended a number of these hearings in the Bronx in this capacity as the legislative and political director of the the New York Metro Area Postal Union.


Stuck in the Mud: The Ultimate Outsider’s View of the Occupy Movement

Reflections on the process of trying to bring change to America when the most significant change agent at present refuses to engage with anyone but their own. Shills for Obama on Whether NDAA Military Detention Applies to American Citizens.

RIP, credibility of I used to like you. You are now complicit in this treasonous deception of the American people.


Shooting the Messenger in Syria
At issue is discrediting Sudanese General Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi. He’s Arab League observer mission head in Syria. More on him below.


Obama Signs Police State Legislation

The legislation defines the entire world to be part of the battlefield against Al Qaeda, including the territory of the United States itself, making every human being on the planet, including every American citizen, a potential prisoner of the American military.


Keystone Jobs Versus Competitive Dollar Jobs

If we want to create jobs and have put the stimulus genie off the table for superstitious reasons, a more competitive dollar provides an excellent alternative to the Keystone Pipeline. It can create many more jobs and it won’t threaten the environment.


“Egypt the Prize”

The neocons were way ahead of the Obamaites in 2002, but Hillary Clinton’s State Department is playing catch-up fast. The new year will see a renewed thrust of US power — “soft” and hard — into the most volatile region on earth, and the results are sure to be explosive.


Speaking to Iowa: The big lie and our role in truth
We are told lies and witness dishonest conduct on an all too regular basis from politicians and business leaders, and if we like the leader or have previously supported him or her we find it hard to acknowledge their betrayal of our trust. But I have found on my book tour, that there is a great thirst


The American Crisis: To Free a Lender-Owned Nation (Part 1)

Part 1 of 4 articles. Just filed Greenbacker lawsuit against Treasury highlights 21-year “Treasury-Fed coin-swap cover-up.” The issues are introduced.


The GOP Ticket in 2012: Romney-Rubio

You can forget the caucuses and early primaries. Mitt Romney will be the nominee. Republicans may be stupid but the GOP isn’t about to commit suicide. The other candidates are all weighed down by enough baggage to keep a 747 on the tarmac indefinitely.

 Best News Links from the Web

David Corn: Newt the Destroyer

Newt Gingrich has finally reached his destiny: destroyer of the GOP. In a bitter and spiteful concession speech last night in Iowa, Gingrich signaled a shift in his mission. He would be campaigning to obliterate Mitt Romney. He would be Sherman; the former Massachusetts governor would be Georgia.


Hear Dave Lindorff, Ray McGovern and Dan DeBar on Obama’s Signing of the NDAA

Journalist Lindorff, former CIA analyst McGovern and activist DeBar all agree that the signing of the NDAA, with its provisions to allow military arrests within the US and indefinite detentions without trial are a threat not so much to terrorists but to American citizens who are government critics.


Jordan: Israelis, Palestinians to Resume Dialogue

The first meeting between Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators in more than a year ended without any significant breakthroughs on Tuesday, but in a small sign of progress, the sides agreed to continue the dialogue, officials said.


Iran threatens U.S. Navy as sanctions hit economy
Iran threatened on Tuesday to take action if the U.S. Navy moves an aircraft carrier into the Gulf, Tehran’s most aggressive statement yet after weeks of saber-rattling as new U.S. and EU financial sanctions take a toll on its economy.


Anti-Wall Street protesters make a show at Rose Parade

Several hundred protesters marched in a “human float” that followed behind the official parade, unfurling a 250-foot banner of the constitution and also displayed an approximately 70-foot octopus made of recycled plastic grocery bags. “Everything is not coming up roses,” one protester’s sign said. Another read, “This is what Democracy looks like.”

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