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Panhandling in Larimer County, new rules



Panhandling Ordinance Enforcement

Larimer County’s new panhandling ordinance went into effect this week but Sheriff Justin Smith began implementing a three-step plan last month to phase in the enforcement of the ordinance.

The first phase of the plan, which started last month upon publication of the ordinance, had deputies handing out educational flyers and talking with affected individuals explaining the ordinance. “We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to understand and adapt to the new ordinance before handing out tickets” Sheriff Smith said.

Phase two of the plan, started this week, calls for issuing written warnings to violators. The warnings will hopefully serve as a strong reminder that there are now new restrictions to where panhandling can occur. An educational flyer is provided along with the warning. The warnings are recorded and repeat violators will be issued a summons.

The final phase of the plan is to start issuing a summons to violators. Violation of the ordinance is a Class 2 Petty Offense that requires a mandatory court appearance and may result in the assessment of surcharges/fines.

The ordinance does not prohibit panhandling but restricts where it can occur in order to reduce the public safety risk along public thoroughfares and roadways and deal with aggressive individuals.



Please review the below information regarding the Panhandling

Ordinance. The ordinance was published December 6, 2012 and is in effect as  of January 7, 2013.

Larimer County has not prohibited panhandling, however, the Board of County Commissioners has adopted this ordinance out of concern with the safety of individuals and groups who create a public safety risk along public thoroughfares and roadways and any individual or group who aggressively panhandles. (For further information see Larimer County Ordinance 12040212001)


*No panhandling 30 minutes before and after sunset

*Not allowed to be  intimidating or threatening to make the person being solicited fear their safety

*Not allowed to direct fighting words to the person being solicited

*You can’t continue to solicit after being told “NO.”

*Do not solicit “at risk” persons

*Do not block pedestrian traffic on sidewalks or paths while panhandling

*No panhandling within a 100 ft of a bus stop or an ATM

*No panhandling to persons entering or exiting a parked motor vehicle or when a vehicle is stopped on a street.

*No panhandling on a sidewalk or driveway, entrance to a business

that serves food or drink

*No panhandling on a public bus, parking garage or parking facility

*No panhandling within 100 ft of a school

 Any person who violates this ordinance commits a Class 2 Petty Offense, which requires a mandatory court appearance and may result in the payment of surcharges/fines.