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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Please vote for Justin Smith

Dear Editor:

Our sheriff’s race seems to be filled with candidates with little to no experience, or experience that ended years ago. There is however one exception. Justin Smith is a current commander at our sheriff’s office and he has served there since 1991. He has worked as a patrol deputy, K9 officer, investigator, sergeant, and division commander over administrative functions, the jail, and operations. Justin Smith also obtained his Masters in Criminal Justice while on the job serving our community as a full-time peace officer.

All of this time, experience, and education have placed him in an enviable position. He is respected and accepted by peer criminal justice professionals and his fellow peace officers. This respect and acceptance is absolutely necessary to maintain and further develop successful relationships with local criminal justice agencies and entities. Our sheriff’s office does not stand alone but is part of the local criminal justice system. We need a leader, a sheriff, who is prepared to lead with the earned respect and acceptance required. Please vote for Justin Smith for Sheriff in the Republican primary in August and November general election.

Rick Tremblay
Larimer County

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