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Friday, November 27, 2015

Berthoud Police Beat, December 2009

Thursday, Dec. 3

Berthoud police made 11 traffic stops and issued two summonses.

At 3:03 a.m. police responded to a verbal disturbance at 217 McColm St.

David McCullaum reported a theft at his apartment at 1606 Fourth St. A checkbook and other items were taken the day prior to the report.

Friday, Dec. 4

A Fort Collins woman came to the police department to report a case of fraud. She said that a person who lives at 309 Victoria St. in Berthoud used her identity. She was told to come to Berthoud, as this is where the identification was used.

Tim Johnson of 1432 First St. reported that while he was away for Thanksgiving, he had tools stolen. Among the items missing are a chain saw, an air compressor and a battery charger.

Matt Zabel called dispatch at 11:52 p.m. to advise that his car was disabled and would be parked on the street overnight until he could get it towed in the morning.

Saturday, Dec. 5

Cindy Bouvet called dispatch to report that her dog was missing from the home on Third St. The Black Lab was a six-month-old male named Lincoln. The police were unable to locate the missing pet.

A case of fraud was reported at the Four Square Gospel Church. There is no data available, but church members were selling burritos and Christmas wreaths on the sidewalk in front of the church that day.

Sunday, Dec. 6

Police put a parking ticket on a white work truck that had been parked at S. Eighth Street and Douglas Place for a few days. It was in a no parking zone. The truck is registered to Selcon Utility in Platteville, but the complainant thought the owner lived at the house where the truck was parked.

Officers responded to two motor vehicle accidents on Interstate 25 and found a car that had slid off the road at County Road 8 near County Road 17.

Monday, Dec. 7

Police responded to a non-injury motor vehicle accident at 145 Welch. A report is to follow.

A summons was issued as a result of a vehicle hitting a parked vehicle at 152 Third St. There were no injuries reported in this accident.

The dispatcher received two reports about the signal at Highway 287 and Highway 56/County Road 8 malfunctions. She reported the problem to CDOT who said it was a programming “glitch” and they would try to correct it.

The officer on patrol at 11:30 p.m. noted an open gate and tracks leading into Protreat Technology Company at 290 Bunyan Ave. He found an open door on the east side of the building but found no one on the premises. He called the owners and they said it was OK to lock the open door.

Tuesday, Dec. 8

Police handled what turned out to be a false burglar alarm at the post office at 12:22 a.m.

Between the hours of 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. the officer made two traffic stops on Second Street. One driver received a summons; a report is to follow on the other.

At 8:30 a.m. Berthoud Police responded to a motor vehicle accident on I-25.

Police assisted Tammy White, administrator for the Baptist Church, after she accidently locked herself out of the church building at Fourth Street and Bunyan Avenue while moving some of the items from the facility. The door closed and locked as she went to her car, leaving her purse, dog, coat and keys inside.

The Parks and Recreation Department reported that the pole at Tenth Street and Common Drive had been damaged. On arrival the officer found the pole lying on the ground. Excel Energy Company was notified.

A silver Jeep and a silver Saab were involved in a non-injury motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Highway 287 and County Road 17. A summons was issued in this incident.

Police assisted Berthoud Fire in responding to a report of a vehicle off the road at Highway 56 at County Road 13. The road sign was knocked down, but there was no vehicle in the area.

Wednesday, Dec. 9

Police were involved in an early-morning chase in the vicinity of First Street and Mountain Avenue. The black coupe failed to yield and the car chase ended on County Road 3when the fleeing car struck a pole and went in the ditch. Police pursued on foot and called for the Larimer County Sheriff to assist. The Sherriff’s Deputy caught his suspect and both were taken to the hospital suffering from hypothermia. The other suspect is still at large.

A caller going to the high school thought it suspicious when she saw a vehicle in the field. The car was registered to Yousaf Masihf who came back for the vehicle and said it had slid off the road.

Thursday, Dec. 10

Police assisted a motorist on Highway 287 after receiving a cell phone call about a dark sedan just north of the County Road 8 intersection.

Jan Dowker found a dog, some sort of hound, on Kansas Ave. She turned the animal over to the police, who were soon called by the owner who was missing a dog. “Trigger” was released to her 22 minutes after the dog was reported found.

The manager of the Pizza Hut called shortly after 7:30 p.m. to report a suspicious car in the parking lot. The car had been there for two hours with the headlights on bright, preventing the caller from being able to see the license plate. Police found two juvenile males waiting on a female friend.

Friday, Dec. 11

Carol Marks of Mead was backing out of a parking space on Third Street by the post office when she struck the driver’s side door of an Oldsmobile Cutless driven by Conrado Rubio of Fort Collins. Apparently Rubio was backing out of the adjoining space and planning on going north from a southbound parking spot. Marks was cited for improper backing.

A lady walked into the police station and asked to speak to an officer about a theft from her residence.

Police made a routine traffic stop at First Street and Turner Avenue and a check showed the driver under suspension for an unpaid ticket. He got another one.

Saturday, Dec. 12

Police responded to a call about a dog barking in the backyard at 1225 Elm Dr. The officer reported that the barking was not unreasonable, 30 seconds over 10 minutes. He also noted that the barking did not come from the address reported in the call.

The dog Trigger was on the loose again. He was found on Bristlecone Ct. and the police knew he belonged on S. Ninth St.

Sunday, Dec. 13

Police responded to a call by Charolette Mallet about a trespasser at 929 Sixth St. Apparently the trespasser was a process server trying to serve a neighbor. Mallet owns the property that covers the three apartments and did not want the process server there, but he refused to leave. Police arrived on scene and found the process server clear and valid and warned both parties.

Monday, Dec. 14

Police responded to two cases of vandalism. In the first case, the officer on patrol at 1 a.m. noticed graffiti on barricades at Forth Street SE and E. Nebraska Avenue. A report is to follow. The second case was reported in the evening. Some one had spray-painted “snowboarders unite” on reflective posts on Nebraska Avenue.

Dispatch also logged an animal call to 718 Sixth St. and a suspicious 911 hang up call from Iowa Avenue.

Tuesday, Dec. 15

There were two motor vehicle accidents reported during the day. An accident with injuries occurred at W County Road 4E and South County Road 17. The accident was referred to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. The other accident happened at 900 Mountain Ave. and there were no injuries.

Police responded to a report of suspicious activity at Second Street and Mountain Avenue. Ellen Gale who resides on County Road 1 was on site and explained that she had asked the builder if she could take some scrap wood. He said that would be fine, but warned her that police had extra patrols on the site. The officer had her open the truck of her car and she had only scrap wood. He concluded that there was not criminal violation.

Wednesday, Dec. 16

Police were on the scene in three minutes when they were alerted to three gunshots near Fourth Street and Capital Avenue. A second call also reported three gunshots and a vehicle speeding away. There was no vehicle description and the area was quiet when police arrived. About an hour later, the police received a call from the person who had made the second call. His residence is listed as 402 Longs Peak Avenue. He called in to complain that the 911 system routed his call to Weld County. He is described as being very upset that the officers did not respond to his residence.

A caller from the area of Second Street and Welch Avenue reported a loose black and white dog that was making the dogs at the corner house bark. It was an hour before an officer arrived at the scene, but a summons was issued in the case.

A motor vehicle accident at E. Highway 56 and Weld County Road 1 was referred to Weld County authorities.

Thursday, Dec. 17

A female caller asked police help to stop two other females from harassing her. They were texting and calling constantly, though no threats were made. She had asked them to stop, but that apparently did not work.

A maroon SUV backed into another car at the Third Street parking lot. There were no injuries.

Friday, Dec. 18

The Incident Listing shows three animal calls. In the first case a Jack Russell Terrier and a medium size brown dog were running loose on Keep Circle. The dogs were gone when police arrived. The second case involved a Black Lab with no collar. The owner arrived soon after to claim the dog. The third case also involved a lost Black Lag, but this one had a red collar. The caller said he would keep the dog until the owner called. About two hours later, Tim Morford called that he was enroute to get his dog.

Shortly before 4 p.m., a Jeep and a Dodge Neon collided at Third Street and Mountain Avenue. A citation was issued in the case.

Saturday, Dec. 19

Police and the Fire Department responded to a car on the ice at Loveland Lake. See story on page 1.

A neighbor complained of a barking dog on Navajo Place at 6:36 a.m. All was quiet when the patrol car arrived at 7:20 a.m.

Sunday, Dec. 20

An employee of the Derby Grill reported a suspicious vehicle sitting at the Berthoud Car Wash at 10:40 p.m. Police found no vehicles at the grill or the car wash

A female resident of E. Iowa Avenue called to report a vehicle theft. Apparently a friend of her boyfriend had taken the Jeep Grand Cherokee to drive to Denver. A few minutes later the friend called the boyfriend and told him he was on his way back. The caller was concerned because her purse and all her identification was in the vehicle.

Monday, Dec 21

Their dog awakened the residents at 920 Seventh St. at approximately 2 a.m. When they looked out the basement window they saw a male wearing blue jeans and tennis shoes. They did not see or hear a vehicle, but reported bicycle tracks on the north side of the house. Police checked the area but were unable to locate the prowler.

Police responded to the report of the sexual molestation of a 15-year-old girl. The assault occurred in Denver, where the male suspect resides and the case was turned over to Denver authorities. Apparently the assault was recorded on video.

Tuesday, Dec. 22

A caller reported gunshots in the Hillsdale subdivision shortly before 2 p.m. The officer who responded also heard a gunshot and determined that it came from somewhere in the residential area along So. Ninth St. While investigation was proceeding, a report came in from 1131 Jefferson Dr. that the front window had been shot out. All on duty personnel responded to the area and searched for weapons and suspects. None were found. A bullet was recovered from the Jefferson Street house where it had gone through the window and a wall. The investigating officer identified the round as coming from a high-powered rifle. A report is to follow and extra patrols were scheduled.

Wednesday, Dec. 23

Police investigated the theft of an ATV with a snow blade from the Moyer Machine Company on Second St.

A small dog was reported running loose in front of 209 Welch Ave. Police impounded the dog and called and left a message for the owner. The owner was able to pick up his dog and also was issued a summons.

A mobile phone call alerted police about a physical disturbance in a moving automobile on US Highway 287. The caller reported that a male in the car was hitting a female. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Dispatch received a call from a woman they described as being hysterical. The call was a complaint about barking dogs. The woman is quoted as saying that she is going to kill the dogs or kill herself because she can’t take this anymore. When the officer arrived, the neighbor to the north was taking care of the dogs and had taken them inside.

Thursday, Dec. 24

The slippery roads made for hazardous driving and Berthoud Police responded to seven motor vehicle accidents.

A rush hour commuter reported male carrying a post from the frontage road Park & Ride shortly before 5 p.m.

A physical disturbance on S. Eighth St. was “handled by officer.”

Friday, Dec. 25

A verbal disturbance between mother and son warranted a call to police. The son was reported walking north on S. Third Street and hitting mailboxes as he went. The officer determined that the argument was verbal only and the son had walked away.

Police made a welfare check on Second St. after receiving a call from a worried daughter. The daughter had been getting a busy signal and could not contact her mother. Police went to the residence, but the woman was in bed and would not answer the door. The officer finally yelled through an open window and the woman said she would call her daughter.

Saturday, Dec. 26

Police conducted a welfare check in the 300 block of S. Third Street. They found the subject of the concern to be fine.

The caller from Cheyenne, Wyoming, reported having been bitten by a dog while in Berthoud. Now, back home in Cheyenne, she was concerned because the dog did not have current a current Rabies vaccination. Police contacted the owner and ordered the dog quarantined for ten days.

Sunday, Dec. 27

A motor vehicle accident at First Street and Bunyan Ave, the report of a lost wallet, and checking the welfare of a man observed walking in the northbound lanes of Highway 287 were the major tasks of the day.

Monday, Dec. 28

The Park & Ride was the subject of another report as a citizen flagged down a patrol car reporting something suspicious at the Frontage Road site. Police were unable to locate any suspicious activity.

An honest citizen found grocery cards and took them to the police station.

At 9:26 p.m., dispatch received a complaint about a barking dog at 555 S. Ninth St. When the officer arrived at 10:02 p.m., he reported that it was quiet.

Tuesday, Dec. 29

Police did a foot patrol at 300 Mountain Ave. at 2:49 a.m.

It is listed as a motorist assist, but the GMC registered to Stephen Tracy was cited for parking on the wrong side of the road at W. County Road 8 and Highway 287. In addition to the citation, the officer told dispatch that he would return in an hour and have the vehicle towed if it were not moved.

Police performed a welfare check in the 400 block of Indiana Avenue.

Listed as Suspicious Circumstances in Progress, is the report of people in a dark colored Honda next to the swimming pool at Town Park. The caller said they had been there for 20 minutes or so, but they were gone when police arrived 11 minutes later.

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