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Friday, December 19, 2014

Political Dialogue, Education vs. Political Campaigning in Schools

As educators, we recognize the importance of this historic “teachable moment” in time that a political campaign season brings, and often use it as a tool to educate our students on the importance of our democracy and their future participation as citizens.
And as members of a publicly funded organization, each of our staff members is expected to follow general guidelines as to the boundaries that exist between appropriately educating students on issues of a political nature, and actually campaigning on behalf of a candidate or a political issue.
According to Colorado state statute, students in their classes and courses constitute a “captive audience,” and do not have the freedom to leave if they don’t agree with the perspective of the teacher. If there is discussion about various political issues, teachers are permitted to teach, provide materials, and/or have presentations, but they must present a balanced view covering all sides of the issue(s).
The entire staff of the Thompson School District is expected to adhere to all of the legal ordinances around what they can and cannot do as teachers in the classroom and as public employees during the course of a political campaign season and as related to political issues throughout non-campaign periods.
If you have comments or questions regarding these policies, please feel free to e-mail us at

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