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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rape is Rape

The Naked Truth About Rape

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Recently there have been many political candidates, (all middle-aged men), making excuses and expounding their reasons for opposing abortions, even in the case of rape. Not mentioned in conjunction with these subjects, they also espouse the closing of Planned Parenthood and outlawing contraceptives, both for which they look forward to the possibility of voting… These men need some education and are apparently incapable of understanding the information which is readily available.

When I was a child, rape was always considered to be the fault of the victim, and a woman who had been raped was ostracized as a “loose woman.” No matter the circumstance, “she should have known better than to walk in that area,” to wear that short skirt, or stop to speak to that neighbor. Even worse was the treatment if she became pregnant from the encounter. The child was always referred to as “her little bastard” aand no “decent woman” would be seen speaking to her in a civil manner. Rapes were rarely spoken of by the victim because of the shame that would be visited upon her. The prominent theory was — “boys will be boys” — and it was the responsibility of the females involved if they were victimized.

Over the years, enough people became enlightened and laws began to be passed against this heinous crime. But the weight of proof remains to this day upon the shoulders of the victim who must relive the event over and over as the criminal process drags on and she rarely escapes without much of that same attitude imposed on her by the public.

Everybody needs to realize that rape is rape. Not “legitimate rape” or even “forcible rape.” All rape is forced, whether it be accomplished by threat of other bodily injury or not. … Read More

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