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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Reception honoring Kathay Rennels

Friends, family, county employees and county commissioners past and present attended a reception to honor departing Larimer Count Commissioner Kathay Rennels. The reception in the Carter Lake room had a steady stream of well wishers from 2 until 4 p.m.

The Kershner family string trio
John Kershner on bass is joined by his father Royce and son Ben to provide the music for Kathay Rennels' farewell reception.

Soft background music was provided by the string trio of Royce, John and Ben Kershner. John is a county employee.

Rennels is leaving her post to become Director of Economic Development at Colorado State University, an office that had been discontinued in 2008. Rennels has a long dedication the university and has been active in extension service programs for many years. According to Rennels, she has been telling the university for many years that they need to develop relationships with the Larimer County Government. “They finally said, then why don’t you do it.”

She reflected that at one time, the people in the education system and those in government were local residents who had grown up together, gone to school together and socialized together and that there was a natural communication between them. Much of that no longer exists and Rennels plans to be that bridge.

In a prepared statement last month Rennels said, “”This feels like a natural progression of my years in office. It will allow me to use all of the tools and skills that I have acquired. I will continue to help bring together local government, the university and the state in order to maximize the knowledge and passion they all have for the citizens of Larimer County, Northern Colorado and the state of Colorado. The university is one of the best assets we have and I look forward to improving and maximizing our partnerships.”

Commissioners Steve Johnson and Tom Donnelly took the opportunity of the receptions to make their own presentations to Rennels.

Commissioner Johnson presented her with a plaque commemorating Rennels 11 years of service. Noting that she probably already had a wall full of plaques, he praised her efforts and made the point that who you work with makes a big difference in how enjoyable the job is and that working with Rennels had made the job of being a commissioner a pleasure.

Kathay Rennels shows her appreciation to
Kathay Rennels give Commissioner Steve Johnson a hug after receiving a plaque commemorating her 11 years of service.

Commissioner Tom Donnelly, holding a picture frame with its back to Rennels, told her that she probably didn’t have a photo of her with Johnson and he. After the laughter subsided, he went on to say that she might not have photos with the other commissioners she served with as he presented her with photographs of all the boards she had served with.Donnelly voiced his agreement with Johnson that Rennels had made the job of commissioner an enjoyable one and that they would miss her.

Commissioner Tom Donnelly gives Kathay Rennels framed photos of all the board of commissioners she has served on.

Rennels then took the microphone and expressed her gratitude to all the family and friends present for their support and promised that she won’t be far away in her new job.

When asked about the most challenging job during her term, Rennels responded, “With all the support I had from the county, challenging would not be the right word.” She went on to say that some projects were a lot of hard work, the new fair grounds being a prime example, but declined to use the word challenging. Among the most satisfying aspects of the job was working helping Larimer County Human Services work with children and families.

The Larimer County Republican Central Committee will choose a replacement for Rennels. See related story.

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