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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Religious Conviction

I’ve been avoiding this subject publicly. There are many who refuse to accept any responsibility to their maker, and many more that were not properly introduced. Some have been lured in to corrupted versions of reality. The rest of us are still learning. I write to the majority of Americans called Christians. We share the original Biblical source of information and direction. I’m not going to reference specific scripture here; you look it up.
There is great concern with America’s tendency away from God and the decay of social morality. We all see it. How do we change it? Do not point the finger at government. There is no such thing as a Christian government. Did you forget that Christ stated his kingdom is not of this world? Consider what you are voting for when casting your vote. At the presidential level we are electing someone to represent all, and to make our country stronger in the world. It is about economy and social reform that benefits the majority. The most any individual can be is an example to others on a personal level; it is written.
Everyone is here to make choices, learn, and hopefully find God. Killing the unborn is a tragedy, yet there is an uncomfortable truth we must accept. When sinful behavior was listed, there was no distinction made between lying and murder. All of it is wrong, all of it is devastating, and all of us are guilty. How do you suggest we legislate that? Is Iran the model of government you had in mind? You might want to review the case of a murderer avoiding crucifixion. Perhaps you missed the story of Jesus protecting the prostitute from a crowd. A Christian is by definition a follower of Christ. His only priority is to promote a change of heart, and laws can’t do that. Read what was written about law versus Christianity.
Our society’s degradation is due to apathy. As a whole, Americans have become lazy and self-obsessed. This applies to our spirituality most of all. Look around. Do you know more about television shows or hospital volunteer programs? How many have visited a prison? How have you helped the poor lately? If you want blame there it is, sitting squarely on our backs. Politicians have little to do with it. Which do you think has a greater impact on a child; using the word “God” in school, or seeing the Christian walk practiced every day? This is how you change a society, and is our responsibility; it is written.
This country’s moral weakness encouraged love of wealth. Profit has become more important than the community’s health. International corporations care nothing for society or morality. They view individual nations as obstacles to profit. Sick and elderly are unwanted expenses. The last few decades have seen a huge rise in the amount of foreign influence in our elections. The result has been a yard sale of American manufacturers being bought, then sold overseas. Only a very few have enjoyed any benefit while everyone else suffers. All business must profit to survive, but this foreign rape must stop. As American citizens we can deal with this directly.
I watched the political conventions, and can’t decide which was most troubling. The mention of God at the DNC was met with many boos, but it was an honest indication of America’s problem in society. It’s not just a Democrat thing. God’s name was used a lot at the RNC, but not appropriately, and by the very people described in the previous paragraph. The Republicans have been hijacked by huge international corporations.
From an American business perspective, I say “NO SALE” to this pretend Republican candidate and his foreign business associates. The other guy has been developing the only path proven by long history. It fights against the excessive love of wealth. The “Moral Majority” tries to be a strong political force, but fails to focus on individual and corporate action in the community. This is our strength, and demonstrates the expectation we have of all Americans. This is how we show compassion and true caring. This is how we better learn the mind of Christ. God bless.
Warren Isleib writes when not traveling overseas on business.
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