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Representative Cory Gardner Votes to Remove Protections on Food, Toys, and Drinking Water

[1]Every American remembers the headlines and news stories about contaminated food, children’s toys from China with lead in them, and dirty drinking water. A parents’ worst nightmare is for their own children to get sick from something we gave them, when it was preventable. Unfortunately, Representative Cory Gardner today voted to make it easier for that nightmare scenario to become a reality. Gardner opposed commonsense protections to ensure the safety of America’s food, drinking water, and children’s toys.

“Limiting burdensome regulations is a good goal, but Representative Cory Gardner went too far when he voted to put the health and safety of our families at risk by removing the standards that protect our kids from contaminated food and waters, and lead in their toys,” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “In America we shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of the food our kids eat, the water they drink and toys they play with. It’s deeply disappointing that Representative Cory Gardner voted to reconsider fundamental protections that families depend on to stay safe.”


· Today Representative Cory Gardner opposed a Motion to Recommit [H. Res 72, #32, 2/11/11 [2]], which stated: “In carrying out the requirements of section one, relevant committees shall place a high priority on preserving the standards that ensure the safety of the nation’s food supply, safe drinking water, and the safety of children’s toys.”