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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Republican Hang-up on Sex








The Republican Hang-Up On Sex And Abortion

By Michael Roberts (about the author)

I’m not going to repeat the recent stupid and backward pronouncements by zany Republicans on the subject of sex, rape and abortion. Nor am I going to dignify the asinine comments by a set of   white guys in the Republican Party who see rape as “no big deal” and that if it is inevitable then the woman should “lie down and enjoy it.” And if a pregnancy occurs then no matter the circumstances of the sexual encounter and the fact that “the woman did not want it” –   it’s a blessing from God.

Now I have heard some very oddball things from out of the mouths of Republican leaders but this one beats back even the new/old GOP concept of “legitimate rape.” I tell you: these guys need to be certified. Crazy is not the word to describe them. Try delusional, unhinged, demented and unplugged from reality. Divorced from today’s reality their beliefs put them squarely in the 1820s and the days of the Chastity Belt.

The twisted logic that produces such a Neanderthal-thinking life form of this type is the result of an aberrant DNA screw up that seems to blight the Republican Party today. And not to be outdone, the party’s presidential standard bearer, Mitt (you know what that rhymes with; it starts with “S”) Romney’s “binders full of women” eye brow-raising comment has also defined the party as either in desperate need of education about women or its happy to be the denizens of the 18th century flopping around in the 21st century.

But the illogical, twisted, crazy thought processes that produces these gems of stupidity is the end result of years of racism and discrimination against women and a mindset that still sees them as baby factories and second-class citizens, that possess only the rights that their husbands, brothers, uncles or fathers give to them. It this mindset that is responsible for the so-called “honor killings” and gang rapes of women in places like Pakistan.

Rape is a crime of power and control. It leaves severe emotional scars on the woman that sometimes never heals. It is a holdover from the days of savagery and barbarism and is the most primitive manifestation of the negative male human condition.  … Read More

Rape Panels

by Cenk Uygur


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