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Friday, November 27, 2015

Rising Water Levels Push the Blue Sky Trailhead Forward

Larimer County Press Release

The Blue Sky Trailhead project is underway a little sooner than expected. The trailhead will serve as the northern access for Larimer County’s Blue Sky Trail. It will be located at the Field of Dreams location in the Inlet Bay area off of County Road 38E, and will consist of trailer friendly parking, a new restroom, a shade shelter, and an irrigated turf area that will continue to be available to neighbors and other local visitors.

The project is a result of the 2008 Parks Master Plan process. Several uses for the area were discussed in the master plan public process and the trailhead concept became the preferred option. The project was ranked as a priority one project and it moved further up the implementation schedule due to the popularity of the Blue Sky Trail. The department wanted to provide a free parking area to trail visitors and give them a closer jumping off point then the currently utilized Soderberg Trailhead.

Work began this month earlier than scheduled. The improvements involve bringing in fill material to level the site. As we were working on the swim beach improvements at South Bay in Horsetooth this winter, we realized we might be able to save money on the trailhead project by excavating material from the reservoir rather than importing fill; and we secured the Bureau of Reclamation’s approval for that excavation. But, the weather ended up catching us in a very narrow window of opportunity: We had to wait until there was less snow and frost on the trailhead property to place the fill, but the reservoir levels were also beginning to rise. Last week, we scrambled to mobilize a contractor to excavate material out of the reservoir just before the area was inundated. We still had to deal with about 8 inches of frost at the trailhead site, but we estimate this saved between thousands of dollars on the trailhead project.

The newly designed Blue Sky Trail Head and Field of Dreams area will be open sometime in mid June and will be a great addition to our access points in the Horsetooth area.

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