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Monday, December 22, 2014

Smith best choice for sheriff

Letter to the editor 24 Smith best choice for sheriff

Dear Citizens:

The Larimer County Sheriff faces an upcoming budget crisis like no other before him. This budget crisis is based on reduced revenues, limited growth, and pending tax cuts. The current Commissioners have identified the need to cut 5% of the sheriff’s office budget for 2011 should certain circumstances prevail. The bottom line is that the budget for the sheriff’s office, along with all other county departments will be cut over the next few years without additional relief from taxes either continuing or rising.

Because the budget situation requires the management of reduction, experience and knowledge can make the difference between success and failure. Having no experience in dealing with the management and funding of hundreds of employees and millions of dollars is not the answer. At a critical time like this, experience in handling a multi-million dollar budget successfully is absolutely necessary. Hoping and guessing, getting direction from others, or relying on one’s experience with a household budget is inadequate. Experience in effectively handling a multi-million dollar budget is expected and demanded of such a position as county sheriff.

Justin Smith has the experience and knowledge required, demanded, and needed to face the future as Larimer County Sheriff.

Willy Geyer

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