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Monday, April 20, 2015

Smith equals leadership

I watched the news and read the newspapers over the last couple of weeks for the fire west of Carter Lake. This fire came on the heels of the tragic Boulder County fire. I noted the extensive presence and involvement of our Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. I was impressed with the professionalism and poise of Major Justin Smith, who assisted with command duties at the fire. Smith spoke with the media representing the Sheriff’s Office and their significant role in the fire operation.

Justin Smith put a face and a voice, the human side, on a massive technical fire-fighting operation, an operation conducted by many regional fire departments. It reminded me that people fight these fires, people help the evacuees, people help feed and clothe those victimized. Smith’s poise and demeanor, and obvious concern was evident in his dealings with the media.

I know the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office was only one of many agencies protecting our citizens and their property, but I like what I see. I believe our Sheriff’s Office is very competent and professional under the consistent leadership of this administration. I hope to see this trend continue under the leadership of Justin Smith.

Andy Josey
Larimer County

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