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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Smith for Sheriff – Even More Certain

I knew Justin Smith was the right candidate for Larimer County Sheriff when I first volunteered to work on his campaign. I was first encouraged by mutual friends that attend my church. But, before I agreed, I researched the record for his priorities, beliefs, and values. As a law enforcement officer, Justin’s character traits are important to identify and affirm.

As time has passed, I’ve learned more about Justin and his character. He is a visionary with an enthusiastic spirit; a teacher with patience and benevolence; a server with generosity; and a provider with wisdom. He is an idealist when it comes to improving our local criminal justice system and an organizer by his efforts to engage the sheriff’s office in those improvements. Perhaps best of all, he is a good citizen and a solid family man who has the unwavering support of his wife and children. I am humbled to call Justin and his family my friends.

And I’m truly honored to support Justin Smith for Sheriff

Julie Starr
Fort Collins

As a co-worker of Justin Smith, I am familiar with his character, his skills, and his ability to lead our Sheriff’s Office through this next four years. Justin has shared his vision of a well-trained and equipped organization with me. He has shared his hopes for a close and mutually beneficial relationship with peer county law agencies to improve public safety across our jurisdictions. Justin will deploy technology, reducing personnel costs while improving efficiency in agency operations. Justin will encourage the training and education of agency staff in order to improve effectiveness and raise professionalism. Justin will coordinate agency objectives with local criminal justice goals in mind. Finally, Justin will demand integrity and good character from agency members, an expectation designed to fulfill the expectations of the public we serve.

The great thing about these plans is that Justin has already put them in motion by his current efforts at the sheriff’s office and by his personal actions in these areas. Justin isn’t just talking about his plans; he’s already put them in place and is working on them now. Justin is prepared to lead. Please join me, elect Justin Smith as our Larimer County Sheriff.

Andrew Josey

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