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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Snap Fitness Center opening Monday

Berthoud's newest Business set for Monday opening

There is a new fitness center in town. It is located at the west end of what is commonly referred to as the Hays Market shopping center. This center joins two other Snap Fitness centers in the area, one in Firestone, and the other in Fort Collins.

The new operation is owned by Milo Carley, who operates the Fort Collins club.

Snap Fitness 24/7 is a franchise with nearly 2,000 locations and according to a company press release, is “world’s fastest growing fitness company.”

The club offers several aerobic and strength training devices and boasts “no long waiting lines.” Members are provided with an electronic key to give access to the facility at any time, hence the 24/7 in the name. The facility also has 24/7 video surveillance. While all the equipment is designed with safety in mind, emergency 911 communication is available via “Panic Buttons” on the walls and on a lanyard unit that can worn around the neck.

The Snap centers have no showers or separate changing rooms. Carley says that members usually come home from work, change clothes and come to the club.

According to Carley, he is probably not going to draw many Curves members as they have a unique demographic, but he acknowledges he will be competing with the Berthoud Athletic Club for members.

Berthoud Athletic Club owner Caroline Creager said, “I hope this is good for the community. I hope it increases awareness of the need for fitness and benefits both businesses.”

Snap Fitness interior

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